About Me

As some of you readers know, my name is Arjun and I am going to tell you a bit about myself.

I was born in California, spent three months there then moved to India. India changed me a lot. I developed a lot of my current interests there. Like playing Tennis, playing the piano and even singing. I also learnt how to play an instrument called the Tabla which is an Indian percussion instrument. I played that for about three years, then we moved back to the U.S.

I really like Austin Texas but then started missing all the memories my family and I made in India. School was new to me but I got used to it pretty quickly. I was different from everyone else, but soon I found my place amongst them.

When I was in India, we got a 2 month old golden retriever pup from a breeder. She was so cute and I spent a lot of time with her. She grew fairly quickly and when we moved, we brought her with us. She was exhausted like all of us after the trip.

For a few days in our temporary apartment we ate hot pockets for breakfast and then went shopping for furniture. A half a year later, we moved into the house we are currently living in now.

I hope you will come often and read more content and feel free to comment.