September 13

“The Wednesday Wars“ by Gary D. Schmidt

I am currently reading The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt. This realistic fiction book takes place throughout the school year of 1967-1968 in Long Island, NY. The novel is about a seventh grade boy named Holling and his relationship with his teacher, Mrs. Baker. While the rest of the class leaves on Wednesday afternoons for a religious class, he stays behind with Mrs. Baker and slowly they start getting to know each other. Holling is introduced to Shakespeare, which he really enjoys. When we are not hearing about Wednesday’s, we also learn about everything else going on in Holling’s life. His dad only talks about his architecture business, a bus almost hits his sister, and he is forced to earn money by signing up for a lead part in an embarrassing play to buy cream puffs for his classmates. Mrs. Baker also has a lot to deal with. Her husband who was fighting in the war with Vietnam, was recently declared missing and parties are out to look for him. Together Holling and Mrs. Baker help each other through their problems. I am really excited to read more!