The Infinite Sea (there is a spoiler for the first book)

The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey is the sequel of The 5th Wave, is an apocalyptic dystopian story about an alien invasion led by Vosch. During the invasion the aliens pretend to be the government. They take survivors (who are kids) and use them to kill the rest of the survivors. (That is all explaned in the first book). The book is about Cassie Sullivan and her comrades and her little brother Sam trying to survive the fifth wave of the invasion. It explains a lot about Evan (an alien who falls in love with a human) and Grace and Cassie’s  and all the other characters backstory. The book has really good metaphors, similes and other figurative language. There is a lot of twists and turns and the thought that the book can trick you at any moment keeps you on the edge the whole way through. I highly recommend it!

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