About Me

My name is Ashton and I live with my mom, my dad, my three siblings, my great grandma, and my dog Molly. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and I love it. I don’t think I’ll ever want to move.

I haven’t really done much sports. From kindergarten all the way to fourth grade I played basketball, but I was terrible at it. While everyone was getting better I didn’t. It went all the way to the point where I played whole games where I didn’t even touch the ball. So I quit after fourth grade and didn’t play any sports for a year. But now I’m currently a green belt in teakwando and that’s the sport I’m doing at the moment.

In school my favorite subject is science even though it can be boring sometimes it’s always fun to do experiments. Any of my subjects can be fun even one fun class can turn my day from a bad one to a good one right away.

So I don’t know what to talk about for my next 100 words so I’m just going to rant about my pets. I have one dog named Molly. She is a attention seeking, playful wheaten terrier. And I have two fuzzy attention hating gerbils. Cookies, and Cream. Cookies is more territorial. She bites alot. Cream is an escape artist. Right when we open a door or tunnel she is there in seconds trying to find a way out.  My dog Molly loves everyone. Any time she sees anyone she hasn’t seen in at least thirty minutes she gets all excited. There could be someone robbing our house and she would start wagging her tail and licking them all over.

So I’m already almost at 300 words so I guess I’m done for now….

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