Bye Blog!!!

Hey blog!!! This is going to be my last blog for a veryyyy long time so this is my goodbye post. Most every Friday I had a blog post due and sometimes I would forget to do it or be stressed about getting it done but somehow I always get it done and I don’t know how I did that.

This whole year we have been learning about different types of writing and how to become a better writer and I definitely think I have grown in my writing skills. There was also lots of free will in the writing we have done and I really like that. Sometimes these blog posts haven’t been my favorite thing to do but some of the time writing them haven’t been that bad. I learned that I love writing about food recipes and the holiday time. It’s definitely easiest writing about the things you love but I also like have a challenge and write about something different.

This blog will definitely a core memory of my 7th grade year and maybe I’ll even see it again in a few years. Well now it’s time to say goodbye to my blog for a very long time. It’s been a great year!!! BYEEEE!!!


Last weekend we had a 3 day weekend because it was Easter. I had such I fun weekend to I’ll tell you about it!!

It started after school on Thursday when my NCL (National Charity League) had a meeting. This time it was more a fun meeting so my mom asked her friend who taught Pilates to come and give a lesson to my group. It was so much fun and the house we went to was like a mansion!! It had an amazing view of the lake and a infinity pool.

My Friday night was just as fun as my Thursday. I went to my friends crawfish boil and all my friends were there. It was so much fun because we got to play with crawfish and swim. After one of my friends came over to my house to sleepover.

The next night my friend had a super fun Easter party!! We had a huge shaving cream war and Easter egg hunt. After we all just hang out at her house and it was so much fun.

The next day was Easter so when I woke up my family and I had a bug Easter egg hunt in our backyard. After we cleaned up and went to church. When we got home our family and friends came over and we had a big Easter lunch. It was so much fun and to top the day off my dad and I went on a walk in the Greenbelt!!

I had such a fun Easter weekend and I can’t wait for it to be Friday again!!

Choir UIL

For the past few weeks my choir and I have been practicing for a competition called UIL. In UIL you sing 3 songs and do 1 sight reading in front of 3 judges. After they will give you a score from 1-4, 1 being the best and 4 being not so good.

The 3 songs we are singing are Da Pa Chem, I Know Where I’m Going, and Lunar Lullaby. The sight reading piece will be something we have never sang so we will get 6 minutes to practice and then we have to sing it. Last night we had a concert last night for our parents so they could listen to the songs and other choir teachers came to judge us and see what we need to improve on.

Tomorrow everyone in choir has to get to school by 8 in the morning wearing their choir uniform. We will leave around 9 am and arrive at Tom Glenn High School around 10:20. When we get there we will warm up and at 11:20 we will go on stage to preform our 3 songs. Then after we will head straight into another room to preform our sight reading for a new set of judges. After that we will get our results for our singing and sight reading hoping we got all ones.

I’m so excited to preform tomorrow at UIL and anxious to get our score. Wish us luck!!!

Spring Break!!

Next week for spring break I’m going to Steamboat Springs Colorado!! I’ve been going there very year for spring break since I was super little so to me it’s the best place to go during spring break.

One reason why I love Steamboat is because the skiing there is awesome!! Last year I went for the winter and the spring and the snow during spring break was just as good as the snow during the winter, ao it was probaly one of Steamboats best years for snow. There are also amazing restaurants there that sit on the slopes so halfway down the mountain you can just stop in and eat then keep going. My dad is an amazing skier so we go up the gondola to the very top of the mountain and ski all the blacks which is so much fun.

Another reason why Steamboat is the best place to go is it’s downtown!! One super fun place to go is Fuzzy Wigs. If you are going to Steamboat you can not miss out on the best candy shop in the world!! I always go down to Fuzzy wigs and I get tons of candy and I never regret it. There are also cool stores and restaurants to go to which are so fun to explore.

There is so much fun stuff to do in Steamboat that it would be crazy not to go!! To me Steamboat is the best place to go for spring break and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My Weekend!!

My weekend was so fun last week!! In this blog post I’m gonna tell y’all about it.

So on Saturday my mom and I picked up my grandma and we all got our nails done!! I don’t get my nail done that much so this was super fun for me. My mom and I got the same grayish pinkish color and my grandma got a really pretty red color.

After that my friends and I all went to my friends house to celebrate her birthday. It was so fun to hang out with them!! We took some cute pictures and ran around. For dinner we ate steak with potatoes and after that we sang happy birthday and ate cookie cake. In the morning we all went to Kerby Lane for a brunch and it was so fun.

We had stayed up pretty late the night before so after I got picked up I took a 3 hour nap. I also slept through half the Super Bowl!! I woke up to the Falcons winning and when I checked again they were in over time and the Patriots won. My family is big Broncos fans so we didn’t care much for the teams. But my dad doesn’t like the Patriots because they beat the Broncos a few years back in the Super bowl so he wasnt every happy.

So overall I had a super fun weekend and I can’t wait for it to be Friday!!

Mary Poppins Play!!

This week Westlake High School produced the musical Mary Poppins!! Last night my mom and I went to see it and I loved it!!

One thing that was awesome about it was that some characters got to fly!! Mary Poppins flew across the stage a few times and Bert flew up to the top of a house and did a handstand!! It was so cool to see them do that and it really added a lot to the musical!!

Another thing I loved was the singing!! It was amazing!! Literally everyone’s voice sounded so good!! I couldn’t believe how good Mary Poppins, Bert, and Mrs.Banks voices were!! Also each choir class went out and sang a song from the movie and they all sounded so good!!

This musical was awesome and I totally recommended going to see one of Westlakes plays!!! I’m definitely gonna go see their musical next year!!


For me school is not my favorite thing to do. I like to hang out with friends not sit in school all day. Here are some reasons why I don’t like school.

First off waking up is a challenge for me. I already have to stay up late at night studying and working on homework but I have to wake up at 7:00 every morning to go to school. And then you have to sit through boring classes and stay awake. Now that is a challenge for me.

Then after 7 hours at school your teachers give you homework!!! So you have to take school home with you after school!!! That’s not fair!! I mean I understand we need practice but give us a break!! Being at home should be a time to rest not do school!!

But I guess school will help me in the future in the real world but come on, we’re only 13!!!! Only 4 more months till summer so hopefully I can last till then!!




The Beach!!

Currently my family and I are building a beach house in Port Aranses and I’m SO excited about it.  It’s supposed to be finished in March so I’m counting down the days till then!!

We needed to make some decisions on the house so we went down there for a weekend in December!! I got to take my friend Katie down there so while my parents were marking decisions we could go down to the beach!! Because the beach house was still building we got to stay in the really big beach house with like 15 rooms!!! It was so big it had to have 2 of everything. Double the tables, double the sinks in the kitchen, and about 10,000 TVs!! We even rented a golf cart so we could drive around town and all over the beach!! All day we ran around in the sand and we went on the board walk!!!

I had so much fun so I’m really excited to go down there a lot during the summer!!! Only a few more months!!


Christmas Makeover!!!

Christmas is my all time favorite Holiday so I like to go all out with decorating!! I did a lot of DIYs to my room that I want to tell y’all about!!

In my room I have a lot of pictures on the walls so I wanted to spice them up a bit so I wrapped them in wrapping paper and added bows to make them look like presents and they turned out really cool!! I also have a really cool magnet board so I printed out some pictures of Christmas stuff and added magnets to the back and put them up on the board!! One of my favorite shows is Spongebob and my favorite episodes in Spongebob are the Christmas episodes so I printed out pictures of Spongebob and all his friends and put it in a frame for my dresser!! Last I got a really pretty mini Christmas tree and added lights and ornaments to it and I love it!!!

So this year I think I’m definitely ready for Christmas to come!! Only a few more weeks!!!


Joy of Christmas!!!
By: Audrey Swallow

to look out
my window during
the winter. I love to watch
the crystal white snowflakes
lightly hit the ground.
I love to smell the thick pines tree
right outside my door. I love to feel the
warmth of the glowing fire.I love to taste the
smooth hot cocoa that always burns my tongue.
I love to hear crisp snow crunch underneath my
feet when I walk.
These feelings bring me joy. These
feelings make me happy. But there’s more to the
holiday than just snow and Christmas trees. It’s about
gathering around the fire with your family. It’s the joy of laughter
coming from around the Christmas eve dinner table. It’s the
joy of being reunited with your close Friends and family
These are the real
for the

Author’s Note on The Joy of Christmas!!!
Colorado has always been a really important place in my life. My family leaves in Estes Park and this is where this poem takes place. Last year me and my family went to there house over Christmas and it was amazing!! I included lots of senses that I felt on this trip so my readers could really feel all the amazing sensations of Christmas and this season!!