Last week I was watching Frozen with my brother when I started to notice the link between Frozen and Maleficent, and other previous Disney movies that weren’t as popular. Basically Disney is reexplaining its whole statement about love

The Classic

  If you know me I love a good Disney movie –I mean who doesn’t. Well one thing you think about when watching a Disney movie are the classic Disney princesses, you know Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, etc. All these Disney movies really end the same way. Prince and Princess end up together. 

Well if you really take the time to think about it, the princesses only hung out with their  true love for maybe a minute in the whole movie. I mean seriously, are you really going to marry someone you knew  for a minute?

Changing Disney

     When Frozen came out sure it made little girls all across America sing the same AWESOME songs, but it also was when Disney started to change its ideas about love. 

Right after Frozen came Maleficent. The movie Maleficent really supported the idea Disney was trying to enforce.

Well anyway that’s my post please comment if you like it if not I guess I’ll let it go. 


2 thoughts on “Disney”

  1. Hi Audrey,

    I really like this post about how Disney is changing; I agree and think Disney is changing as well. But the way I thought Disney was changing is that the girls are becoming stronger and more independent, and the movies are becoming less focused on the prince and the princess. Now by seeing your perspective, I feel that Disney is changing so much. Thanks for posting this, I really enjoyed it!

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