The Woods

                       beneath the pale blue moon...

                                     Jack via Compfig  

     In the corners of our world, past the eerie mist, lives The Woods. The Woods are like no other forests or fen or any other thing that may be apart of your reality. It is made from the essence of sin and the darkness that is probably thriving with in your heart. For no one ever goes into The Woods, in the same way birds do not sing or wind does not blow. For what lies in The Woods are the most horrid creatures cursed to suffer in hiding, cast out from the doors of humanity –never to see the light again.There is no death in The Woods nor is there no life, there is only suffering. Even the trees are the souls of those locked out of heavens light, forced to only see the glimpses of where they could be. I bet you are wondering how to find such a place, or you may be thinking that this is all but a story to scare you all. Well if you are thinking that than I must tell you, The Woods are as real as you and I and everything else that lives and breathes on this Earth -and if you don’t believe it than you’re the lucky one.
The Woods are particular and thoughtful about who goes into their layer they do not let the mere fool in, for only a fool can see past the illusion that is The Woods. No, The Woods send in someone of a pure heart, someone who is but a kind soul untouched by the sins of humanity. Sadly though that someone was me. 

Authors Note: If you like this piece and want to read more please comment below and I will start writing up a Part 2. 🙂 


9 thoughts on “The Woods”

  1. Audrey,

    I thought this peice was amazing, I loved you description of the woods and how you somehow made shivers go up my back. Keep up the good work. Would love to see a part two.


  2. I really liked your story it’s awesome. Please write more. Your story is really suspenseful it makes you want to read more. Is this actually true? Are you pure at heart?

    1. No I’m not pure at heart I don’t think anyone is but I was trying to imagine up a character, I hope I did a good job! 🙂

  3. WOW! That was such nice imagery. I loved how you described The Woods, it was so detailed it almost felt like you looking right at the forest. When I read it I got a little shiver when I read the last paragraph. Also it was such a plot twist when you said you were sort of shoved it the forest, because you had a pure heart. I’m for sure going to read the next 2 postes in the series! I hope you make a fourth in the series, because they are all really good!

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