Rapunzel Part 2

The witch seemed astounded by the baby: her innocence, her wonder, and her laughter. One day the child made her way out into the garden; not knowing where the baby was the witch frantically looked every nook and cranny of the cottage. At nightfall the witch had flooded the cottage with hopeless tears. She sluggishly made her way to the garden, and before she knew it her face warmed at the sight of the child. There the child lay sleeping in a bed of rapunzel greens. The witch ran to the baby and screamed,”oh rapunzel, rapunzel! You have sheltered my child and brought her to me!” The baby woke and started to cry but the witch picked her up and kissed her upon her cheek.

“I will name you Rapunzel,”the witch whispered,”for it has delivered you to me.” The witch took the Rapunzel inside and the baby slept, and the moon rose, and all was well -for now….

No bond was stronger than the one of the witch and the forgotten princess.
In the the flurry that was the kingdom, every villager was talking about the mysterious beauty in the fen. What is this beauty in the fen you may wonder, for how could anyone find beauty in the twisted hollow that is the fen? Well, it is not something, but it is…someone.


Early-Morning Hike (5)Creative Commons License Nicholas A. Tonelli via Compfight

3 thoughts on “Rapunzel Part 2”

  1. Hi Audrey! I really liked this post because I love fairy tales and I think you did a great job on how you worded everything. I never really thought of how Rapunzel was named and I wouldn’t have ever guessed that she was named after a plant!
    I like how it’s short and sweet, nice job Audrey!

    1. Hi Avau,
      Thank you so much for the comment. I really like how you enjoyed this story because I had such a fun time writing it. I’m apart of the Student Blogging Challenge, and I really like when people visit my blog.
      Thanks again,

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