Just a Tad Bit Jealous

It’s not my fault I’m better than everyone else, it’s just a fact. Hello, my name is Victoria Charlotte Redhoven, and believe me I’m as perfect as perfect can come.

I’m exceptionally smart in all my classes, and almost all my teachers love me; I also have lots of friends —a naturally given talent if your as perfect as me. But the best thing about me is while I’m balancing great grades and tons of friends I still manage to look flawless. Yes flawless, I’ve won at least ten pageants and I’ve been in three magazines. You could saw I just have grand natural talent at being gorgeous. Just another benefit of being, well, me.

Okay, okay I’ll get on with the story.

I was sitting in English class, while Mrs. Plainbary was talking about some book drive for under privileged children. I guess I wasn’t really listening, because when she called on me I was totally caught off guard. But can you blame me! Lucy Chevlana and Caitlyn Arianna were both having parties this weekend and I had no idea what to wear —being popular is so hard sometimes.

“Victoria?” Mrs. Plainbary said in her skeptical tone. Which always gives me the creeps. Okay, okay focus; find something to say —got it!

“I’m sorry Mrs. Plainbary, I was just thinking of the books I was going to donate to the kids,” nailed it. Mrs. Plainbary totally gave me the: teacher-look-of-approval. Sigh, aren’t I amazing.

“Victoria, would you like to show our new student around tomorrow? Her name is,” Mrs. Plainbary stopped to look at a sheet of paper,”Blaire Ronalds.”
“Yes, of course!” I squealed and skipped off to my next class (I get to leave early because I’m just that fabulous.)

As I walked through the halls, I couldn’t help but be excited about the new student coming. It’s chance for me to import my wisdom and show another person how grand and amazing I am —aren’t I so charitable. Sigh —Blaire Ronalds will be so lucky she met me.

One thought on “Just a Tad Bit Jealous”

  1. “Just another benefit of being, well, me.”

    Love this line! It’s one of many examples of your narrator’s wonderful voice, Audrey. You do a great job with her, showing us her speech, actions, and inner thoughts.

    I look forward to reading more!

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