Dogs vs. Cats

Dogs vs. Cats

So, this post is what I think about the whole “cats vs. dogs” debate thing.

Right away I’m going to say, I have owned both cats and dogs. I love them both, so I’m not going to say “Oh, dogs are amazing, cats suck” or vise versa. They are both adorable, fun animals. Cats get into random stuff that everyone on the internet loves, like chasing lazer pointers, being terrified of cucumbers, and fitting into odd containers. While dogs will run around, play and be fun. They always seem to be happy.

Dogs are very loyal to you, and will stay by your side. And while cats somewhat lack that, they make up for it when you go finding them in ridiculous places around the house.

So my conclusion is: dogs and cats are both amazing in some of the same ways, and in some different ways.

Here are some cool pictures of cats and dogs.

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13 thoughts on “Dogs vs. Cats

  1. I had a cat that curled up in my sister’s suitcase the day she was packing up to fly home to Utah. Good thing she spotted Simon before closing that case!

  2. I like how you didn’t choose one or the other. I’m the same way, so when this popular controversial topic comes up, I never know what to say. I hope you write more about controversies like this one, such as chocolate vs. vanilla ice cream.

  3. I love both kinds of animals. I have four cats and three dogs. But I am like you I can’t decide. I also like how you gave reasons on wich they are both amazing animals.

  4. Hi i’m Thai,
    I’m the same way as you I have two Australian cattle dogs and a recent addition to my family, a cute orange and white kitten from Alberta and I can’t choose witch is better so I just like them the same one of my dogs is 14 and he is blind my other dog is still kind of a puppy she is 2 and she is friends with my cat. My mom has a photo of them in my laundry room my cat is in a basket of clothing hidden under one of my T-shirts and my dog was lying down next to him.
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  5. Hi, Austin. I’m a student from in Ms. Smith class.

    I really love your post about Dogs vs Cats. It made me laugh out loud when I read about cats being terrified of cucumbers. I haven’t seen any videos about that, but what I pictured in my head was pretty funny. Maybe I should go and look that up. I also agree with you that the idea of dogs vs cats because it really doesn’t make sense. How do you really compare them? They are two different animals. I think people should compare dogs to dogs and cats to cats. Thanks for the laughs!

    Sincerely, Finn

  6. Hi Austin
    My name is Connor I am from a place called British Columbia in Canada.
    I really love your post about dogs and cats. I have 1 dog and 1 cat. My cat would always chase lasers pointers. It is really funny. What type of dog and cat do you have? I also think dogs and cats are really adorable. You should check out our blog
    Sincerely Connor.

  7. Hi Austin I’m Suzanne from Woodlawn,
    And I agree with what you said because I used to have 7 birds, 5 fish, and 2 bunny’s and I thought that cats and dogs where really scary but then I got a cat when I was in 3rd grade and it ran away 2 years later. I got another cat durning the summer of 2017 and then my dad gave it away because he was moving and she was making a mess (both lived at my dads house) I do love cats and dogs right know I really want a puppy🐶 and a bunny.

  8. I agree that all pets should be treated equally and right. There is no best pet, they are only our best friend.

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