Why Call of Duty Sucks

Why Call of Duty Sucks

Call of Duty: unfortunately one of the highest selling video game series of all time. Why though? It’s just full of bland gameplay, dull color schemes, and salty little kids.

The gameplay is the least offensive of the garbage that CoD has. It’s standard shooter fare, just shoot people. That’s it. And some modes that I’ve played, such as Gun Game are okay for a bit. But where the trash really begins is Activision reusing the same exact gameplay for every single game. They sell you the same thing over and over and over again. They don’t need to add anything new, because people will buy the same junk over and over and over again. And they only actually care about the money.

And something else that creates even more terribleness is the color scheme. Ever map is full of browns, greys, and greens. Even a lot of CoD fans can’t even tell most of the maps apart. And I get that they were going for a more gritty and realistic tone, but video games are supposed to be unique. And bringing this up again, every game looks like this, no variation.

And finally, this is an “M” rated game. That means that only people of 16 or older should be playing, but a large percentage of the players are young kids. First of all, they shouldn’t be playing this game, and second of all, young kids are super annoying. I’ve never played an online match in Call of Duty, but knowing that so many kids play this game; it must absolutely suck to play with them. They’re always screaming through the voice chat: “I pressed the button!” Or “You killed me, so you’re a cheater!” And parents, please don’t let your kids play CoD.

So yeah, I hate Call of Duty. I know a lot of you are going to argue with me a lot (cough cough, Keean), but this is how I feel about it, and you can’t change my opinion.


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