The Whale Shark Swims

I’ve been obsessed with and intrigued by whale sharks for almost 5 years, and the incredible fish still amazes me. At almost 60 feet long, the average adult whale shark is almost as large as a school bus. Who wouldn’t adore these fascinating, harmless creatures? Therefore, here comes the whale shark touring industry. People paying to see innocent creatures in their natural habitat while potentially hurting them and their environment. Boat strike, specifically, tour boat strike, is the leading cause of death in whale sharks per year, and happens to be something I feel rather strongly about. Whale sharks aren’t supposed to be goggled at like an art piece in a museum. They are actual, living creatures, who happen to be endangered because of our narcissistic attitude towards “less intelligent” animals. Humans are the cause of whale shark endangerment, so we should be the ones to save them. Spreading awareness will alert people of why we should help whale sharks and all endangered species.

The Whale Shark Swims

Lazily drifting,
floating, gliding,
the whale shark swims.

Opening its mighty mouth,
caudal fin propelling,
the whale shark swims.

Gliding with soft,
serpentine movements,
the whale shark swims.

Following a path, blazed
by unseen ancestors,
the whale shark swims.


Cutting across
the vast blue sea,
the tour boat speeds.

White foam intruding
the deep blue behind it,
the tour boat speeds.

Bouncing rhythmically
in the protesting waves,
the tour boat speeds.

Blazing a new path,
red tracker flashing,
the tour boat speeds.


Unknowingly drifting
up to the surface,
the whale shark glides.

Tourists gazing at
the blurry depths below,
the tour boat slows.

Snacking on plankton,
unaware of its watchers,
the whale shark meanders.

Whirring relentlessly,
knifelike blades spinning,
the propellor slices.

Blades carved in its flesh,
thick skin red with gashes,
the whale shark flees.

Slighted by the income loss,
comforting the buyers,
the tour boat speeds away.

The whale shark shows its scars.

The tour boat shows no mercy.

Yet, the whale shark,

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