All About Me

Hi I’m  Ava Skonning. You may think how does a 12 year old know anything about life. Well, I know a lot in the time I have lived. But, I won’t carry on about that and I will tell you a little bit more about myself. I’m a seventh grader in Austin Texas, I have moved several times, and I love volleyball.

First of all, I’m a great student. I have always been called the teachers pet or favorite, and also the weird smart kid. I have been called this because I always have my hand up for answers and get 95 and 100s on major tests. You know how most people do fifth-sixth or sixth-seventh math and maybe in Pre-AP. But, to the school that I went to in Dallas they had no fifth-sixth math. So, when I came to Austin I felt that sixth grade math was going to be to easy. To the conclusion, I took a sixth grade math test and the test insturctor Toulouse me I could be in seventh Pre-AP if I wanted. I decided that is what I wanted to do, so now in seventh grade I am doing eighth Pre-AP math

Also, I have moved to many different cities in Texas. I have moved 5 major times not counting house moving. It was hard to leave one place you really loved and go to a different location. Starting off at a new school is also hard. Knowing no one and trying to make new friends can be stressful but afterward you will make friends in a jiffy. But I am glad I did it because it was a great experience.

Probably my favorite thing in the world is volleyball. I have been playing since third grade or for four years. I have played at many different places like Austin Juniors Volleyball, Waya, and Coach em’ up. I am now learning my jump serve and playing for the middle school team and I love it so much, and I would play it everyday if I didn’t have other sports to interact with. But, that is my favorite sport of all time.

In conclusion, I think I have a lot of life experience and I loved every step of the way. Being a great student, moving a lot, and my love for volleyball makes me who I am now. I love who I am, and I would never want to be someone else.


Hey I’m Ava, I have always wanted to play volleyball for a middle school team for a long time. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to tryout. We had to wake up very early to just get there on time. The tryouts started at 7:30 and ended at 9:30. It might seem like a long time, but around 45 people trying out so you didn’t have much show time.

The first day, was all about how fast you are, agility, jumping, and throwing. We had 4 stations to do. The first station, we had to be measured to reach as high as we can, and jump as high as we can. The second station, was a agility station where we had to run back and forth six times and we were timed. Then we shuffled back and forth and were also timed for that as well. The third station we did a 400 shuttle. Oh my gosh, it was like death in running form. And we just happened to be timed. The forth station wasn’t as bad I’ll we had to do was throw a basketball as far as we could and measure and do it one more time. That was only the first day we still have 2 more days to go.

Catching Fire

          I read the book “Catching Fire” in independent reading time in English. I  personally loved this book so I will tell you a little bit about it, and hopefully will read it and enjoy it like I did. I know you are thinking it is a second book of a series, so if you haven’t read “The Hunger Games” then stop right there don’t read the rest of this.

          If you read the first book you would know Katniss was chosen to be in The Hunger Games, and she won with her friend Peeta. In the second book she had been watching tv and all the sudden President Snow came on and made an announcement that for the 75th  Annual Hunger Games the people who have already won the Hunger Games are being chosen. But, that just happens to be terrible for Katniss and Peeta because they are the only ones that had won the Hunger Games in District 12. But, I can’t tell you the rest or I would be spoiling the whole thing.