All About Me

Hi I’m  Ava Skonning. You may think how does a 12 year old know anything about life. Well, I know a lot in the time I have lived. But, I won’t carry on about that and I will tell you a little bit more about myself. I’m a seventh grader in Austin Texas, I have moved several times, and I love volleyball.

First of all, I’m a great student. I have always been called the teachers pet or favorite, and also the weird smart kid. I have been called this because I always have my hand up for answers and get 95 and 100s on major tests. You know how most people do fifth-sixth or sixth-seventh math and maybe in Pre-AP. But, to the school that I went to in Dallas they had no fifth-sixth math. So, when I came to Austin I felt that sixth grade math was going to be to easy. To the conclusion, I took a sixth grade math test and the test insturctor Toulouse me I could be in seventh Pre-AP if I wanted. I decided that is what I wanted to do, so now in seventh grade I am doing eighth Pre-AP math

Also, I have moved to many different cities in Texas. I have moved 5 major times not counting house moving. It was hard to leave one place you really loved and go to a different location. Starting off at a new school is also hard. Knowing no one and trying to make new friends can be stressful but afterward you will make friends in a jiffy. But I am glad I did it because it was a great experience.

Probably my favorite thing in the world is volleyball. I have been playing since third grade or for four years. I have played at many different places like Austin Juniors Volleyball, Waya, and Coach em’ up. I am now learning my jump serve and playing for the middle school team and I love it so much, and I would play it everyday if I didn’t have other sports to interact with. But, that is my favorite sport of all time.

In conclusion, I think I have a lot of life experience and I loved every step of the way. Being a great student, moving a lot, and my love for volleyball makes me who I am now. I love who I am, and I would never want to be someone else.