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Percy Jackson/ The Titans Curse By: Rick Riordan


Towards the beginning of my book Percy Jackson is at Camp Halfblood with his friends Thaila and Grover after the mysterious  disappearance of their friend Annabeth, and the unexpected company of Artemis’s hunteresses. After the tragic disappearance of Artemis two huntresses and two half bloods ( not including Percy) start a quest to find Artemis and Annabeth. Along the way Percy secretly follows them and accidentally discovers their enemy Kronos planning to kill his friends. When one of Kronos’s workers sees Percy Kronos quickly releases a silver lion to kill them. After a long battle with the Lion Percy kills it by getting its mouth open so the hunters can shoot it with an arrow. The team comes across a homeless man ( which is zues in disguise) that helps them catch a train to get to their friends and another  monster to battle. After battling the monster they find Annabeth and Artemis.

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