Advice on 7th Grade!

Dear Upcoming 7th Graders,

Last year when we were coming into 7th grade we were constantly worrying about new friend groups, school supplies, and homework. We are here to give you some advice on these things and how to address them properly!

To begin, let’s start with friendships. 6th grade for everyone is a lot of what discovering what organizations you fit into and who your friends are. 7th grade has definitely gotten easier for for the majority of people, friend-wise because you have gotten to know everyone and know your friend groups. Advice on this subject would be to chose your friends wisely because studies have shown that the 5 people you spend the most time with are who you become the most like, so chose wisely. Coming into the school year from our personal experiences you don’t need to worry about who your friends are because it will happen naturally.

Next important thing is getting the right school supplies. Something that we highly recommend is a homework folder, it becomes very handy when you have homework in many classes, and it will lighten your backpack drastically. Also, you definitely want a planner to keep track of homework and when assignments are due. It may seem that you won’t need it, but you wouldn’t believe how many times we wouldn’t have done a project if not for double checking our planner. And trust us, Heavy Duty binders is the way to go, any other kind will break within the first couple of weeks.

Finally, how to properly manage your homework. This year homework increases a lot, especially in advanced classes, so watch out. In 6th grade WildCat Time was like a class no one paid attention to because you usually would rather do your homework at home. This next year in 7th grade because the homework takes a longer time, WildCat Time is really a good time to get some homework done. Instead of messing around you should be productive because for most of us 7th graders, the minimum time we spent on our homework at night is 1 hour. If you use your time properly in class and work hard you will have an easier time doing the homework and being more productive in class which will lighter the time you spend on your work.

We hope that you will take our advice and do these highly suggested tips to make your school year a better and easy-fun year!

Best of luck,
Ava & Allison

We Have Too Much Homework!

When my mom and dad were is middle school, they would come home everyday and play with their siblings in the woods or the streets without having to worry about getting all of their homework done. Now days, I come home from school with around two to three hours of homework each night, including Friday.

Our teachers think that just two pages of work won’t take long but they dont seem to be taking into consiteration about all the other classes that give us packets of homework as well.  As each class goes by the more and more homework I have writen down on my planner and the more I start to wonder if I’ll have enough time to get it done. Yes I think that and extra peiriod to get some homework done is convinient but its still not giving us enough time to have some fun! Our comunity is so competitive in extra curicular activitys and academics that they are constantly pushing us to become more advanced in everything that we do. Because of this, the magority of Westlake Kids comehome everyday and immediately get ready to go off to a sport practice, tutoring, music lessons, or other organzations. So once we come back to our houses for a quick dinner and hope to get ready for bed, homework is still on our minds and we have to stay up the extra hours to finish it, instead of getting a good night sleep.

From personal experiences when i’ve stayed up late trying to finish my homework I don’t do my best on the homework and do poorly in school the next morning because of lack of sleep. Homework can be very stressful and I think that teachers should be giving less of it (particularly in math). We already have eight hours of school in the day, I don’t think we need an extra 2 as well!

My parents are successful, have jobs, a home, and can care of me and my sisters, so if they had barely no homework then I think if the teachers lighten our load we would do just fine in life. They work us so hard in school, the least they could do is let us come home and have some time to relax! I think it’s wrong the amount of work they put on us for just being in 7th grade and I think they need to loosen up!

“Oh The Places You’ll Go!”

By: Doctor Seuss (A poem from Oh The Places You’ll Go!)

You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

You’re on your own.

And you know what you know.

And YOU are the one who will decide where to go.

Some of the many reasons why I enjoy this poem so much is because it is so simple but at the same time so inspiring! When ever I read this poem it just reminds me of how extremely blest I am to know that I can do what ever my heart desires. I think that the poem is really saying to follow your heart, which I believe is something we as humans don’t always do. I love Doctor Seuss and I always will. I think that his writing can impact so many different lives and even though he isn’t here anymore, his poems will be known forever. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this poem as much as I do!

3 Things To Do In Texas This Summer!

In Texas there are so many awesome things to do in the summer it’s hard to decide what you are going to do! Here are 3 amazing and fun attractions that you must go to, to narrow your decisions!

Texas brings so many wild attractions in the summer that you just can not miss! The weather is hot and there is nothing like a good tube ride down the Guadalupe river with beautiful trees lining the river, the warm sun on your skin, and to top it off, some crazy but super fun rapids! Make sure your summer is complete by going to Texas Tubes with you family and friends!

Canoe, Lake, Peaceful, Boat, Kayak

If you are a fan of thrill rides, live entertainment, and delicious dinning, book tickets to Six Flags Fiesta Texas theme park right now! You will have the time of your life with your family and friends making memories that will last forever. It’s open year round and on the holidays they have the whole park decorated for the festivities. There is an endless opportunity of things to do from little kid rides, to ridicules roller coasters that will blow you away! Once you come to Six Flags you will be coming back here every summer! This is not an opportunity of fun you want to miss.

Abendstimmung, Kramer Market

Last but not least, The Rowing Dock is somewhere great to visit for a great workout and swim! The Rowing Dock is located at Lake Austin with choices to chose from to go on a stand up paddle board (which is very popular), a canoe (two person or one), or a nalu (similar to a paddle board)! You can hop into the refreshing water anytime that you like and it’s amazing to get to paddle under the Pennybacker bridge. When you are rowing you may find swans, turtles, and occasionally a rope swing! The Rowing Dock also has many classes of yoga to do on paddle boards, kid activities and has many more adventures things to offer!

Canoeing, Girl, Canoe, Water, Leisure

*All photos from CC0

I Hate Dress Code!

Dear Reader,

Dress code is just so demanding and annoying. Everyday when I wake up I am constantly having to ask my self if the outfit I put together fits the school dress code.  I believe that little things in life like this that no one enjoys should be get rid of.

Haven’t Heard of the “code”? Well it consists of MANY rules like: pants/shorts must be past finger tip length, shirts must be more that 4 fingers or 2 inches in shoulder width, no see through tops, shirts must cover a girl’s butt, no plunging neck lines, shoes must be warn at all times, a girl’s undergarments must not be visible, and boys are prohibited to wear tank tops.  Back when I was an incoming 6th grader my mom took me out shopping to get some clothes that were dress code because frankly, I no shorts that followed the “code”.` I ended up never wearing the shorts that we bought because I hated the length! I decided to just not wear jean shorts because all of the ones I like don’t follow the “code”.

Personally, i feel that the real problem we are facing is people’s judgement. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with the “no plunging neck line” or the “no see through tops” but the fingertip length shorts? The only problem there is that teachers don’t want boys looking a little to close at girls if they are wearing some shorts that are considered too short! Also, the 2 in shoulder width rule? When I was in elementary school there were girls who wore tank tops every day and now they are just banning them!?  Don’t even get me started on how they are going to allow them again in high school. If you really think about it though, the majority of the kids in our school get their clothes from their parent’s money and their parents are aware of what clothes they have. I understand that this may not be completely true in all household’s but for the most part, if parents in our district disagree with the clothes their children wear, they will ban them from wearing them.

Another reason I believe that the dress code is useless is that only about one-fifth of the teachers at out school actually care about it and will pull the kids aside- or confront them infant of the entire class!  Just to tell them that their outfit is inappropriate.

Our school dress code is too protective and should be teaching boys/girls to not judge or look at boys/girls in inappropriate ways and be teaching us in a more formal way on how to dress  more sophisticated. They aren’t our mothers and they should loosen up on the “code”!


What’s My Blue Print?

Some people have their whole life planned out and some don’t. I’m the later type of person. I don’t understand how someone could sit here and put down their life plan into words. In just a day, everything can change! I have expectations for myself and goals in life, but I can’t just decide that I’m GOING to go to this college or I’m GOING to marry this person etc.

So how do I know what I want in life? I see what I want in what happy people have. First of all, I want a big family with a loving partner to grow old with, and kids to raise as strong Christians who love God as much as I do. I think family is so important because I cherish and love my family so much, and getting to start my own family is something I can barely wait for!

Next, I’ve always wanted to make an impact on this world. I seem to find that that is so many peoples goal and I think because people, are scared of being forgotten when they have left this life. I’ve always dreamed of going to an impoverished country and building a well or saving a life, building a home for someone, finding a dog a home, or even giving my blood!

My most craved goal is to spread the word of God. Make the Christian community wider and more diverse! My faith in God is everything to me me I can’t imagine a life with him not in my picture so I cant even process what I life with out him would be like. The thing with life, is that there are so many things deconstructed in this world which someone could see as a bad thing but the more messes there are in the world, the more reconstruction of beauty that can be found.

Lastly, I want to be remembered as a kind and gentle soul. I always find myself trying to do what is right and be a good Christian girl, don’t gossip, don’t tell lies, be kind and have empathy, etc. I just wonder if sometimes it’s really paying off. I tell myself that it is slowly but surely but sometimes doing what’s right is not always what’s easy or popular. I believe that it’s working one step and a time and that is how I will find my blue print. One step at a time with God by my side.

Roller Coaster or Skydiving?

Would you rather go tomorrow on the scariest roller coaster in the world, or go tomorrow skydiving?

I asked a few people that same question today, and the majority of the people answered with skydiving. Why though? I would prefer going on the roller coaster than skydiving. That is because I have a HUGE problem with free falling. A lot of people say it’s all up in your head and it is! But just because it’s now all up in my head does not mean that I can get over my fear. Some people just don’t always like the feeling. I do like the feeling of going on roller coasters though… Right now there is a high possibility of you thinking that it gives off the same feeling, but to be it is completely different.

When you’re on a roller coaster, you are strapped in for dear life and the sensation of when your hair blows back in the wind and your stomach drops its a great feeling that just makes you feel free and it’s got a different vibe from skydiving. You’re constantly moving in different directions and you’re going upside down and everything! There’s a big variety in what happens. But when your going skydiving, it’s just that constant feeling in till your parachute opens up and the feeling changes. Where ever you chose to go skydiving it’s probably a gorges view and nothing like anything you’ve ever done before. When I think of skydiving, I think of a kind of rebellion. Like maybe the people who have the guts to do it feel like a bird? Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be able to skydive but something is holding me back from thinking that I ever would be able to do so! I am positive that going on either of those activities would make me throw up but if I HAD to, I would pick the roller coaster. What about y’all? Comment below what you think!

Why Do People Love Dogs So Much?

Almost everyone I know likes dogs. Is it because they are so cute? Or is it because they protect us by barking? Or is it because they are our companions?

I think it is because they are so forgiving. Dogs are more forgiving than any of our friends or family. My dog waits for me by the door every day until I come home on the bus. She stares out the window and waits silently searching and listening for the bus to drive down the street. If I go to a friends house instead of going home she never gets mad at me.

When I go to bed she wants to go to bed, she doesn’t demand to go outside and go for a walk. She wants to do whatever I want to do. She never complains and understands when I am busy and ignore her. Sometimes I feel bad when she stares at me and I am on my phone because she will just sit there for as long as I take until I am ready to play with her.

I think God put dogs on this earth to be an example of how people should be; benevolent, devoted, attentive, patient and kind to each other. We should be more loving in our actions. We should protect what we love and be on high alert at all times and not let our attention to things that are important slip. I have learned a lot from my dog and wish that everyone could have a dog and every dog would have a home.IMG_4307

Ava’s Version of Inside Out

I was thinking about the movie Inside Out and thought it would be fun to make a blog post about my version of Inside Out describing what I think what my emotions would be like.

Ava’s first emotion is Jubby.  Jubby stands for jubilation, which means; feeling of great happiness and triumph.  Jubby is very excited and happy all the time. She is there to help people and lend a hand.  She loves to laugh and smile and sometimes laughs at inappropriate situations.

Ava’s second emotion is Annoyancyy.  Yes there are 3 y’s in the name to annoy you.  Annoyancyy is always frustrated irritated and frizzled and others and dissatisfied.  Annoyancyy  normally keeps her thoughts to herself and barely ever comes out, but when she does it’s not a pretty sight,  However, she hardly ever comes out for the sake of Ava’s reputation.

Ava’s third emotion Ressonatta.  That is reason with an atta at the end.   She’s like the mom of the family always trying to do what is right for her family and be a good role model.  She tries to be empathetic and a good person.  She stays calm and thinks through things.

Last but not least to Ava HUNGER.  This is a little bit of a sneak peek in HUNGER’s mind.  “Is that sushi?…no – maybe it’s cheeseburgers. Whatever it is I must have it. Ahhh,  that A R O M A takes me to heaven…I want cheesecake! Give-me-food-give-me-food-  I need a cold, peach/mango smoothie stat!  I need food before I become hungry!”

These are my main emotions and what they are like  but of course they are best when they are put on a team! 🙂

Thanksgiving Vibes!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner as well as a couple pounds after the traditional Thanksgiving feast! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays after Christmas of course. I love Thanksgiving so much that I decided to make a post about why I love it and this is it:

I love Thanksgiving because I love when the family gets together, the amazing food that we eat, and how no matter how big of a proportion you take, no one will judge you… unless if they are a health freak.

I love sharing stories from the past and the warm colors that decorate the insides of houses and schools.

I love the special traditions every family has in their own homes.

I love watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning and the laughter that fills the atmosphere everywhere you go.

I love the feeling you get when you finish eating your feast and you are so overly “stuffed” like a turkey that it’s hard to breath.

I love how it’s all about taking the time to appreciate how much we are blessed and express how we feel thankful.

I love knowing that God has blessed me with a safe home to come home to and a wonderful family that loves me unconditionally.

I am thankful for Thanksgiving and for everything that is related to it!

What are y’all thankful for?

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