October 27


Most people are afraid of the dark. Maybe they’re afraid of heights. Or they’re afraid of snakes, spiders scorpions, lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my!

I’m afraid of a few of those, and a great fear of mine is being pulled underwater and dying from lack of oxygen. Yes, lots of happy thoughts in this post so far… Anyway, back to the point. I am afraid of some of the things previously listed, but to me, nothing is scarier than standing on third base during a softball game. 

I’m not kidding, I swear. Can any of my softball friends back me up on this? Please? It can’t be just me. Right? Seriously though, being a base runner can be scary enough. There is always the thought that the catcher -or anyone else for that matter- will throw you out, and nobody wants to get thrown out. But being on third base is the scariest part of baserunning.. You are the one the catcher is paying attention to, and I should know, I play catcher. 

The situation doesn’t even have to be dire for it to be scary to be standing on third base. There doesn’t have to be two outs, the score tied, the game on the line. It’s still scary. Very scary. We could be up by twenty runs with no outs, and my heart would still be beating double-time when I stand on third base (This may or may not be because I had to run around the other two bases before getting to third base). This is especially nerve-racking when the catcher is very good, because she may throw down to the third baseman if you take to big of a lead. But I think it is all worth it when you get to run up and touch home plate, adding another run to your team’s score. It is also very scary when the catcher misses the catch and the ball goes flying into the backstop, because you can try to steal home, but it is always disappointing if you get tagged out.

Its kind of funny, actually. My dad is the head coach, which means he coaches third base when we are on offense, and he says I always seem very calm on when I get to the final base. I guess that goes to show that not everyone is what they seem. 

Anways, I will miss my softball games this weekend because I have a band competition (wheeeee), but next week I will have to face my fear again.

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3 thoughts on “Fears

  1. Jill

    Why must you leave me this weekend??? Who needs band. If we lose our pony games cause one of our few pony players are missing, I’m blaming you. JUST KIDDING! But still. IM SCARED OF THIRD BASE TOO!! It’s like begging the batter to hit a hard grounder to right field so you know you’ll score.

  2. Ana

    Hi Ava, I am Ana. I also play softball. I have been playing softball for eight years. I was a catcher for many years, but now I am the A pitcher on my team. I know what you mean when you say you fear being on third base. Sometimes it can be very terrifying. Even though it can be scary, I have so much adrenaline in me that I don’t even notice the fear. How long have you played softball for?

    1. aval2 (Post author)

      Hi Ana! I have been playing softball since I was in first grade, so for about 7 years. I think it’s cool that you played catcher too, but which do you like more, catcher or pitcher? Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, I think that’s awesome!


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