December 1

First Impressions

It’s interesting, really, how much of a difference a first impression makes.

Take my free throw story, for example. The first time I shot a free throw during practice (or tryouts), I made it. After that, everyone thought that I was the Free Throw Queen. But, I’ve never made another free throw when I needed to during practice, so you can tell that I’m not super amazing at free throws.

First impressions make a difference with how I think of people too. If we meet and you were nice, or if I see you doing something nice or considerate, I will generally think that you are a good person. But if you were mean to me when we met, or if I see you doing something rude, watch out, because I really don’t like you now.

Seriously, though first impressions are everything. Job interviews. Applying for college. First Impressions make all the difference. If you screw those up, good luck getting into college or getting a job. Sometimes you make the wrong first impression, though. Nerves, anxiety, not being yourself. These can all leave and impression that you don’t want, but sadly, that’s the only chance you get for a first impression.

Now I will talk about vegetables, because that’s totally related to what this post is about.

Vegetables actually are related to this post. How? Because. I used to like pickles, probably because I liked them the first time I tried them, but then I stopped eating them. When I tried a pickle again-kind of a first impression- I didn’t like it. Now I don’t like pickles.

But taste doesn’t really work like that. Over time, you can grow to like or dislike something. The same kind of thing can happen with impressions. Sort of. Your fist impression of someone might not be very good, but as you get to know them, your opinion of them might change to a good one. Or, you might think someone is nice when you first meet them, but then you realize they weren’t as nice as you thought they were.

And that, my friends, is my blog post about how first impressions and vegetables are related.

If this is the first blog post of mine you’ve read…

Then how’s that for a first impression?




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1 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. Mrs. Kriese

    I appreciate this thoughtful post about first impressions…and I appreciate this opportunity to say that I hate pickles! Like you said, I’ve changed my mind about some tastes over the years, but I think it’s safe to say that I will never, ever like pickles 😉


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