February 2

Why Fridays Are Awesome

The bell at the end of Wildcat Time rings, the hallways are filled wall to wall with students trying to make their way to the front doors, and finally, finally, after years- sorry, I mean after days– of waiting, we are free. And we have Friday to thank for it. You have to admit it: Fridays are the best.

Here’s why:

You know you had a long week. You had to wake up early to go to basketball practice or to catch the bus on time. Which means that you had to go to bed earlier than you would have wanted to. But not on Friday. When Friday night finally rolls around, you can do whatever you want. You can watch a movie with your family until 10:30 and it’ll be no problem, because you can sleep in the next day. You can go hang out with your friends and go somewhere without worrying about making it home for bedtime (or you could be antisocial and lock yourself in your room and read for a long time). And having the ability to do any of those things is AWESOME. It gives you so much more freedom than you would have on an average weeknight, and in turn you can have a lot more fun and be way more relaxed. Seriously. WAY more relaxed. Why?

Because homework. The second reason Fridays are amazing is because you don’t have to worry about the homework that is due the next day. No math pages due, no vocabulary packet, no project on the respiratory system to stress over (at least not for tonight). You can be totally lazy, and- face it,- us teenagers just want to be lazy. Friday nights are stress-free because of this ability to be lazy. This is the total counterpart to any other weeknight, where you have to work on your homework and not have any fun. And not having fun is just, well, boring. And we don’t want boring. We want lazy Friday nights.

So instead of pulling all-nighters to finish that math homework, Friday lets you pull an all-night movie marathon. Fridays are the stress-free, chill out, do nothing nights, and that is down right awesome. Sorry Mondays through Thursdays, but Fridays are the best!



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1 thoughts on “Why Fridays Are Awesome

  1. Mrs. Kriese

    Yes! Fridays are indeed the BEST! I can put off my homework til Saturday or Sunday and have a truly relaxing, stress-free Friday evening. My family and I usually go to the movies on Friday nights 🙂


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