April 7

Road Trips

The car is hot. And you’re tired of sitting for so long. And you can’t sleep because of the ride is so bumpy. And there’s no WiFi. Road trips are AWESOME.

I am aware that some people aren’t a fan of sitting in a car for long periods of time, but for me, road trips are an amazing experience, even if you go on the same one multiple times.

Going on a road trip feels like a cool adventure. A loooooong adventure, sure, but and adventure none the less.  You wake up early, pack up the car, start up Google Maps, and then head for the nearest gas station because you forgot to fill up yesterday. Most of the time my family leaves around noon, after we eat lunch, because, honestly, some of the restaurants you find on road trips have food that is less than desirable.

When you go on a road trip you have to stop at many different gas stations to go to the bathroom or fill up the tank, and this has led my family to some interesting places. Some gas station are really bad. They smell horrible, the bathrooms are disgusting, and the best food the convenience store has is powdered donuts–not that powdered donuts are bad or anything– but they could do a lot better than that. Other gas stations are amazing, especially one: Buc ee’s. Buc ee’s is more than just a regular gas station, though. (Aside from having an awesome name and a beaver as a logo.) Buc ee’s is HUGE! It’s about the size of a grocery store, there are free samples, and there is never a line for gas pumps or bathroom stalls. They have amazing fudge and jerky, too. Buc ee’s is every road-tripper’s best friend.

Another great thing about road trips is the anticipation of the destination. We drive to Oklahoma a couple times every year, and we are always excited to see my grandparents when we get there. Last summer, we drove to Colorado, and even though the trip was very long, it was still fun because we got to stay in a really cool place in Colorado. Even thought the journey is half the adventure, you can still be excited about your destination on a road trip.

So when you look past the surface of the road trip, past the long hours in the car, past the smelly gas stations, and past staring out the window at corn fields, you see the better side of road trip: the sense of adventure, having fun in the car with your family, and, of course, Buc ee’s. So next time, instead of dreading your 10-hour road trip, try to have some fun.

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3 thoughts on “Road Trips

  1. Bruce Nayor

    Very well written; the intro and conclusion are nicely linked to make a complete and satisfying short story. I especially like the part about going to Oklahoma to see your grandparents!!

  2. Mrs. Kriese

    I do enjoy road trips, but not until we get out of Texas…and if our route takes us north or west of Austin, that goes double! Denton, Muleshoe, Van Horn–these are some of the towns that just serve to remind me I am NOT out of Texas yet!

  3. bobbyl4

    I, like you have also been on long road trips. I personally do not like them because I think that it’s just too much time with your family. Also everybody seems to get mad at each other.


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