October 6

The Hunger Games


Over the summer, I read The Hunger Games. And Catching Fire. And Mockingjay. Twice. In about a month. Needless to say, I really like the series.

I was very surprised when Mrs. Kriese told us that The Hunger Games has been banned from some libraries, as I REALLY liked it. But thinking about it, I guess it was kind of violent, but many books are. If the people who want to ban the book think it will scare kids, then they should just tell kids that if they get scared easily to not read it. That way, the other people who are okay with scary things get to enjoy it.

I actually do consider myself someone who gets scared easily, but the books and the first two movies did not bother me at all (I haven’t seen the Mockingjay movies). Suzanne Collins does a very good job with The Hunger Games, in my opinion. She is a great author, and I had already read and re-read another book series of hers: Gregor the Overlander, which I also enjoyed.

I think that Collins just does a very good job of letting us get to know Katniss even before the Hunger Games begin. You can tell that Katniss  has been through hard times but has held on. You know that she is a lawbreaker for the sole reason of keeping her family alive. We learn even more about how kind she is in the later books, and how she has managed to stay sane even after going through the Hunger Games. Twice. Survivor indeed. Unlike Haymitch, she and Peeta will not give up, a trait that I find very admirable, and one very uncommon in District 12. I think that makes Katniss very amazing, and is definitely one of the reasons why she won the Hunger Games. That and Peeta. Peeta saved her life.

Questions: Who was your favorite character? Which death made you the saddest? And, possibly the most important question, Team Peeta or Team Gale?

My favorite character is……..pretty much all the main characters, saddest death was Rue (WHY????) and Prim (WWWWHHHYYYYYYYYYY???????????) And finally, and please don’t hate me, Team Gale. Until the last part of Mockingjay. Then Team Peeta.