January 11

Turning the Game Around

Last Thursday, the West Ridge basketball team faced off with our rivals: Hill Country.

My team had won by a lot last time, and although we tried not to be, I am sad to say that we were probably at least a little overconfident.
That was a mistake…

We were down, 8 to nothing, and our confidence had already been dampened. Things were looking bleak. Very bleak indeed.

That’s when coach called a timeout. She told us we needed to get our heads in the game and focus. We needed to score some points.
We all wanted to win this game. We wanted it bad. We didn’t want to humiliate ourselves- after all, we had been so sure of a win.

And that’s why I wanted to talk about turning the game around.

We won against Hill Country because we could turn the game around. We came back from losing and prevailed.

You have to turn the game around. Not just in sports, but in life.

If you have a grade in a class that you aren’t happy with, turn the game around. Go in for tutoring, study hard, get help. Turn the game around and get a grade you are happy with.

Turning the game around is always possible, even when you think you don’t have the ability or the power to do so. We didn’t beat Hill Country without believing that we could. And when you believe you can, you can.

So even when the game isn’t going your way, believe that you can turn the game around. Then do it. Because you can. Because you believe you can.

My challenge to you is this: if there is something in your life that you want to change, turn the game around.

All you have to do is


September 19

You Have to Admire…

You have to admire the people who can laugh. To be able to laugh at yourself is a gift. A gift that you would be blessed to have. To be able to make your laughter contagious, to spread a smile to anyone, is a gift as great.

You have to admire the people who keep pushing when the situation says to give up. The people who are always determined to never stop, and who make you want to be just as strong.

You have to admire those who hang on. Those who are on the edge and may fall off, but they stay standing, they keep on keeping on. They will always hold on and they will pull themselves up.

These are the people you can’t help but admire.