November 10


Today I’m going to write about pi. Not PIE thank you very much, but PI, the number. (Just a warning, this will be my nerdiest blog post yet, and probably ever, so be ready for extreme levels of awesomeness)

If you want pie, then here it is:

Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

But this post is not about pie. I’m sorry. But it’s time for pi to have a chance in the spotlight.

Pi is an interesting number. It represents the circumference of a circle, and is a never-ending decimal. But I don’t really want to talk about the math part of pi, I want to talk about my history with pi.

In fourth grade, each class, as part of math, had a competition to see who could memorize the most digits of pi. The winner got an actual pie. I really like pie, so I wanted to win that contest. I did, and got an amazing key lime pie as my reward. I had memorized about 175 digits of pie, and I felt pretty amazing for that.

Later that year, when the 5th graders made Math Maddness games, of the games was a pi competition. I started to memorize pi again, and I got to 105 digits before the games rolled around. I had memorized the second most amount of digits, the first place winner memorizing 350 digits. But the pi fun wasn’t over, as the top five winners got to have a pie eating competition to see who could eat the most pie.

I barely lost the competition, but I wasn’t very upset, as we got to keep the pies.

After that, I was known in my math class as the champion Pi Eater. I have forgotten most of the digits, but I still remember this:


That’s pretty good right?

I will remember that fourth grade year as Pi Year, and I will always love pi. Of course, I will still love pie even more!