December 9

Give Thanksgiving Some Love!

I know that Thanksgiving was kind of a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, but I still want to write this post.

I have a message for HEB and some other stores:

As soon as Halloween is over, HEB has Christmas candy and decorations out. And I just don’t get it. I mean, I appreciate the holiday spirit, but PLEASE. Give Thanksgiving some appreciation. We eat more food on Thanksgiving than on Christmas, that alone should be reason enough not to sell all things Christmas the second Halloween is over. There are a few Thanksgiving plates and stuff like that, but you can hardly find it amidst the mountains of red, green, and Christmas trees.

I feel bad for Thanksgiving. It’s just not recognized enough. I know not everyone celebrates it, but not everyone celebrates Christmas either.

Despite the lack of representation in the grocery aisles, everyone LOVES Thanksgiving. You get to hang out with family members you might not see often, there’s only two days of school, and of course, there is more food than you could possibly want, with leftovers for a week. What could be better?
Apparently, peppermint flavored anything, chocolate, and candy shaped like a Christmas tree. That’s what every grocery store seems to think.

Why don’t we have Thanksgiving decorations? People go all out with Halloween and Christmas decorations, you can hardly see some of the yards in my neighborhood! But decorating your yard for Thanksgiving? No! There is the occasional inflatable turkey outside a house, but these are too rare.

Thanksgiving is a special time. It reminds us of how blessed our lives are, and that we need to be grateful. We get to see other family members, spend time with them, play with them, and yes, eat food with them. 

Thanksgiving is wonderful, so give it some love!