My School Day

Today I arrived at school right before fourth period because I had accidentally slept in. I got to school and the office had given me a pass to my next class which was English. Which brings me here, now I am in class writing this! I’m sitting with my friends Adriana, Denim, and Colton. That was my day so far.


I chose this picture because whenever I’m home alone or bored I always make cupcakes. I only make vanilla cupcakes because in my opinion chocolate cake and cupcakes are nasty. Even sometimes when I’m with my friends we make cupcakes! They’re just fun to make when you have nothing else to do.


This video helps you learn to do a cartwheel. A cartwheel is basically the beginning of gymnstics, also one of the easiest things of gymnastics. Its pretty simple and easy to learn.

If you want to learn more go to this site.