Recently I started playing on the school volleyball team. Before playing at school, I never actually played. So far I’ve really been enjoying it and am hoping to continue playing once the season is over. The picture above just shows a volleyball net on the beach.

A little bit about me!

Hi my name is Bar. I’m 12 years old, my favorite sport to play is basketball. I have 2 sisters and am the oldest. Also I am bilingual, fluent in English and Hebrew.

The War Below

The War Below is a book by: Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch. The War Below is about a boy, Luka, that escapes a labor camp in Germany during World War 2. Luka survives racing through the mountains  for months, seeing people caught running , dark ash dirt caused by all the bombs, and he avoids being captured by the Nazis and Soviets. When he suddenly meets an underground army that is against both the soviets and nazis, he decides to join. Luca figures the best way to help isn’t choosing a side, but finding a way to save lives through it all, fighting for peace. Luka made many friendships traveling in the mountains, being part of the underground army and being in the labor camp. He lost some of them to the war and some of them from his escape. The question throughout the book is will he save enough strength to make it back home, find his family, find his friends and most of all when will the War end.


This video shows highlights from a UT women’s basketball game. I’ve been playing basketball since kindergarten. It’s been my favorite sport since I can remember. I always play basketball on the weekends with my dad and close friends. If you want to learn more go to this site.