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Dead Wake

I have just finished this book so I will wright about this book instead. The book I just finished is called deadwake and it is a nonfiction book by: Eric Larson. It is a long chapterbook about the last voyage of the Lusitania, a famous ship in world war 1. This book tells you a lot of small details that tell why and how the attack of this ship took place. The theme of this book is that even if you feel safe, your not. The reason the attack of this ship is so big is because it was a American passanger ship (America was nuteral in the war at the time). Since they were nuteral in the war they were not fighting but they were exporting goods to the British and French (the allies). The reason I picked this book is beacause I like history and reading about war events.

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  1. Benk8

    That book sounds interesting and I think I might think about reading it.

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