End of the year!

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I absolutely cannot believe I made it through my seventh grade year!

It surprisingly went by really fast, which is strange because all I heard about was how bad seventh grade was going to be. I was always warned by my teachers about how bad the homework would be, but it was a reasonable amount. Sure I would get home from school and have 2-3 hours of homework some times, but only occasionally. But my absolute favorite thing about seventh grade was athletics! Because all of my teammates where really good and fun to hang out with.
Well, I can officially say I was a seventh grade West ridge wildcat. See you in eighth grade WRMS!

Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather.

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Last Saturday, one of the biggest fights in history happened.
Manny Pacquiao faced the undefeated Floyd Mayweather. Why is this such a big fight you may be asking, Well when they where in their prime days, Mayweather refused to fight Pacquiao. And also, Pacquiao is a 10 time world champion. And Mayweather had never, in his whole career, lost a fight.
Anyways, Mayweather won. And to be honest, I HATE HIM. He is a stuck up jerk who only cares about money. And all Mayweather did was defend. He was so scared that he just kept running away from Pacquiao. the weird part is, Mayweather throw less punches than Pacquiao and won… and Pacquiao was fighting with a hurt shoulder!!!
I really hope there will be a rematch, because I cannot wait to see Pacquiao knock out Mayweather!!

Lone Star.

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This weekend my volleyball team will be competing in the Lone Star Classic tournament in Dallas.

Right now, we are ranked 6th or 7th in the state of Texas. But we need to make it to nationals!! So in this tournament we need to either get first or second in our pool. There are about 8 teams in our pool that we will play. I’m very anxious because our other middle blocker on the team had an injury. So it’s up to me to try to be the best I can be! Plus, all of my family and friends are coming to watch me. And I don’t want to disappoint them.
I really hope we make it to nationals…. Because it’s in New Orleans! Wish us luck!!!


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This Easter was a success!!

I woke up around 8:30, I felt excited about all the upcoming activities. The Easter egg hunt, Church, and Brunch. It’s just a time to hang out with family. Anyways, my brother woke me up by screaming “IT’S EASTER EVERYBODY!!! WAKE UP WAKE UP!” I walked downstairs to see my whole family waiting for me. It has always been our tradition to do the egg hunt as soon as we wake up, My mom handed me my basket and we headed outside, but the problem was, I couldn’t find any eggs! It was frustrating, but also very fun. Because it was just fun to be with family and participate in all the fun activities.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a time to hang out with family. I cannot wait till next year!!

Spring Break.

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I’m really excited for this 2015 spring break!!
I’m going to a tiny town in Texas called Gruenee, we are just going to stay there for about 2 nights.
Gruenee is really fun because there is a big old mansion that you can stay in, a dance hall, good food, and shopping!!
I know it’s not that fancy, but it will super fun!
Another thing we are doing is going to San Antonio. We will be staying there Friday, and we will just hangout on the river walk and eat some good food!


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Everybody loves summertime. No school, good weather, lake days. Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year.
I can finally wake up at noon, not having to worry about the math test second period, or stay up till midnight writing an English paper. No stress, no panic, just relaxation.
I can do whatever I want to do and not be under strict discipline 24/7.
With my freedom, I can have lake days.
Lake days are really fun because they are just a time to hang out on the boat with friends. The best part about lake days are the wake boarding and surfing, but there is also place called “Ski Shores” where you can drive your boat in and get really good food. My personal favorite is the burger with fries, you should try it!!

I cannot wait for summer, i’m already counting down the days.I hope the school year goes by fast!

Final seconds.

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There are only seconds left on the clock, and our team is down by one.
I’m exsaughsted, I cannot even start to count how many times I have ran down this court. My ears buzz from the roar of the crowed, and my stomach is in a huge knot.
My teammate, dribbling frantically, makes a miracle bounce pass right into my arms.
Everything goes silent-
Absolutely silent.
It’s a clear shot, if I miss this, My whole reputation will be humiliated.
I throw the ball blindly in the air, all that can save me now is luck.
In the air, on the rim-
swirling around for seconds seemed like hours,


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Today, I am going to tell you about my dog Big.

Big is not your average dog, he’s an English Bulldog. He is a complete MESS. All he really does is lay around and sleep, but he is a really big character. Hence the name “Big.”

Well, we named him Big because he was the biggest dog out of the litter. I wanted to name him Spot because he’s white with a huge brown spot on his back, But Big fits him a lot better.

If you’ve never seen an English Bulldog, they have real smushed in faces, big underbite, and floppy ears. The breeder told me why their faces are so smushed is because when they where first breed they used to fight bulls, and so the dog could bite the bulls’ legs and still be able to breathe.

Bulldogs make great pets, all though they may look terrifying. I highly recommend them for families looking for a pet.

Club Volleyball.

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For the past couple of months I’ve been on my club volleyball team.

It’s very time consuming, on weekends we have tournaments, and late practices during the week. But it is VERY fun, it’s just the beginning of the season and I’ve already learned so many new things. For example, I have learned three new hits from my position–a 1, 3, and a slide.

Speaking of my position, I am a middle blocker, The middle blockers main priorities is to block and hit, but they don’t pass or play back row. The outside hitter is usually better at passing, they hit, block, and pass. The setters job is to set the ball for the hitters, and the libero only plays back row.  I may switch to outside, because I really like to play back row, middle blockers are supposed to be really tall, i’m only supposed to be 5’11. I know 5’11 sounds pretty tall, but the adveredge middle is about 6’8.

This weekend we have a tournament, I’m really nervous, wish me luck!!

Basketball Game.

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All went well! I made the A basketball team!!
Last night, We played against one of our top rivals. Lake Travis.
We where all scared to death to play, but overall it was pretty fun! It was fast and furious, the ball going back and forth between the teams. We pulled out a score of 32-13 we beat lake Travis!
The following Monday, we play Our top rivals Hill country, wish us luck!!