4D Printing?

Recently a new invention became available for public use: The 3D Printer. Of course, as soon as mankind makes a great step in founding our future, we instantly strive to make another. Introducing the 4D printer, a revolutionary step in spatial printing.

It is not out for commercial use yet, but there is a solid base for the printer. It would create objects that change on their own. They would adapt based on their surroundings. An example being a shoe that transforms and becomes waterproof when it is raining, or a running shoe when on a track. It also could create things like pipes that change shape to move water. Such as a pipe, when filled with water and having to go up a hill, that would become an Archimedes Screw (A pipe that twists in a circular motion that pulls water up thus bringing it higher for getting up inclined planes). It could be as useful as a gun that transforms into a different type of gun. This would be immensely useful on a battlefield because a soldier would have just the right gun for the job. It could also have a commercial adaption where you could have a TV that changes from a flat screen to a curved one to suit a viewer’s needs and wants. This kind of invention could literally change the world. ( Ahhh Puns 🙂 ) It would be completely different. This literally blows the 3D printer off the shelves.


What applications do you think this kind of thing could have?

Would you buy one if it came to the stores?

How expensive do you think it would be?

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4 Responses to “4D Printing?”

  1.   Mrs. Kriese Says:

    I still have trouble comprehending how a 3D printer works! The concept of a 4D printer is too much for me! Have you a link to an article about it?

  2.   erikf5 Says:

    cool I think this is amazing and you should find more about it because it is a really cool topic.

  3.   Mrs. Bridges Says:

    This is great information! It is also mind blowing! I hear Ms. Reese has a new 3-D printer in her classroom. I am excited to go and see what it’s capable of.

  4.   Mr Webb and Room Three, New Zealand Says:

    Couldn’t agree more – we’re really enjoying having a 3D Printer in our School, we’re really lucky actually to have three commercial ones (really big ones) so we enjoy making stuff and creating bits and pieces for students projects. I’d love a 4D printer to duplicate and create models of existing things and surely they will be coming with the technology getting better and better all the time! We brought our first 3D Printer last year and the new ones are so much better and its only been a year. Great idea for a post and its got me excited to think about the day.
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand

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