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   They told me I could do it. Odin himself sent a Valkyrie to bring me to him to ask me to do this “simple” task. “It’s easy,” he told me “All you gotta do are replace some chains.” So I set out, thinking this would be such a picnic. Replace some chains for a 3 year old wolf? No problem.

   Well, actually, it gets harder than I thought. Turns out, this wolf is almost invincible, 23 feet tall, 41 feet long. Also, Odin didn’t happen to mention he’s always growing, this wolf is about to break free and if I can’t pull this act off, all nine worlds will tragically end. One after the other. All the same fate.

   Fenrir. Fenrir. THAT was who I was up against. I had only imagined this little wolf, needing new chains. FENRIR! Prophesized to end all the worlds. There’s no way I can do this… Anyway, it’s too late now. The temperature is rising. I must be close.

  I was told to go to a place where Midgard meets Hel, 123°. GGGRRROOOAAARRRR!!! No more second thoughts. If I failed, Ragnarok comes early, if I succeed, I succeed. It’s time to go in.

  “It looks like the gods brought me an afternoon snack.” This came from the last voice I was expecting to hear. Shaky, sad, and delighted at the same time. There was no way he’d let me replace the chains that bound him here… I had a plan. “Actually, you must swear not to tell them I’m here.” This just might work… “And why is that so?.” “Here’s the thing, I’m here to set you free. The gods have brought nothing but misery to my life, my children, my family. This is how I end that.” “By setting me free? Well, I can’t complain. Get started.” He’d agreed!! But soon he’d realize why I was actually here. “Well I went to ask the dwarves who made your chains how to get you out, and they told me the only way was by replacing them with weaker ones.” He’s buying it! “Is that so? Well then, get started.” So I went behind Fenrir, looping the second one around him, when I tied it, I undid the old one. The mighty wolf struggled against these binds. “LIAR!!! THESE ARE NOT WEAK!! YOU FOOL! YOU WILL PAY FOR THISSSSS” The ground began to shake. All of the sudden, Hel spewed and dragged me down with the rubble, but all I could think was that I succeeded. Fenrir was bound.


When My Cousins Came

Rolling on the deck,

      Examining my cousins cheeks, pink as a rose’s glow

                Feeling the hard wood against my skin,

          Exhilarating was how I felt that day.

      Sweltering under the blazing Texas sun

 Rolling on that deck at Perlas

               Smelling the mouthwatering food

  Urging us to come inside.


Hearing the cars zoom through the street, louder than a space shuttle launch.

      Overwhelming were my feelings of joyousness

  Deafening were the sounds of my cousins laughter bubbling into the air

Unfaltering was my smile that day when our cousins came.

In my family we have these ‘cousins’, and we visit them every time that we can, we’re really close with them.