Poem-The Team

The Team
By: Benjamin T

He loved it, he loved robotics,
a total genius at it.
He loved it so much,
that he stayed home from school to work on it.

Nothing else but this.

He crushed the competition with his steel fists,
and he was geared to win.
Nobody could stop him,
for his passion was so big,
it drove him to be the best.
But only one Team could stop him,
and then he met his match.
He had to settle for second best.

As soon as he went home,
he pondered on why he had lost that match,
the match that could have gotten him best in the world.

Perhaps the drive had been warped after a while?
Maybe the gears were conflicting?
Had he forgotten to replace the power supply?

But at last, he had figured out why he had lost to that Team,
the Team that stopped him!
It was because of this —
he was without a Team of his own.


Author’s Note:

I wrote this piece because I just love robotics. Every single thing about it. But I have seen “teams” that are only operated by two students or solely operated by the parents. That is what really what inspired me to write this piece, because there is no joy in having an accomplishment if there is nobody to share it with. I believe in having a team. The reason I made the child prodigy lose, was because I wanted to show that you cannot have one person on a team and expect to win. I want my readers to feel inspired by this piece, to have friends join you in the adventure of robotics. My ultimate message, is that no matter how hard you try, you will need a little help at some point. You cannot be self centered and think you are the best.