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Al Capone Does My Shirts

I am reading Al Capone Does My Shirts and so far it been pretty reliable because the main character is my age which is one of the things about the book that I like. The main character is named Moose Flanagan, he is 13 years old and plays baceball almost everyday with one of his friends named Scout. Moose lives on Alcatraz because his dad is a electrician, Moose has a good relationship with his dad but ever since his dad got the job of a night shift guard his dad hasn’t been able to play baceball or anything else with his dad. At Alcatraz Moose isn’t the only child, there are around 5 other children and one of hem is named Piper, her dad is the Warden and is very far this book has been great and after I’m done reading it I plain to read the rest of the series.


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  1. Eamador4

    I have read this book before and it is SO GOOD! I think you did a great job explaining it, if I had not read this book already then I definitely would have read it from your description.

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