The Book I’m Reading

I’m currently reading a book that it’s title is Don’t Let Go, the author is Harlan Coben. This book is about some cops trying to solve a case. They think it has to do something with college and a mystery club in an old base. The group consisted of people that some are missing and others are dead. The cops try to talk to the parents and friends of the people missing to find them and ask them about their club. Finally, they are trying to put all of the pieces together to see if the crime has to do something with the group members being dead and others missing.


My Weekend

In my weekend I went shopping and I had a sleepover. At the other day, when the girl left from my house, I studied. At the end of the day I went to eat ice cream. On Sunday I went to the supermarket and we also went to get some stuff for our house. I had an amazing weekend.

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