Blaine and Fenrir

It was a dark night in the middle of a forest noises coming from everywhere. I was out there alone camping with just a sword and some armor. Then out of nowhere a ROAR shook the earth. I run outside of the forest trying to hear where it came from. I reach the entrance of the forest thinking the only thing that could make that loud of a cry, would have to be Fenrir. I see this massive crack in the middle of the earth with Valhalla coming out, I go to look and then this huge claw arises from the crack. Then the other claw arose, then the head of Fenrir came up with blood all over his teeth. His eyes were glowing green, he opened his mouth and came at me. I jumped into the crack to dodge him, then while I was falling into the cave I look up and there he was charging at me. I took out my sword and drilled it into the wall to stop myself, while Fenrir descended past me. Then I released my sword and followed behind him charging for the back of his head with my sword, but it was to late we already reached the bottom.

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