I love cupcakes! They are so fun to eat and make. Baking is really fun especially during the holidays. There are so many possibilities of flavors and decorations. You can find some more videos here:


I love going to the mountains especially in Colorado. My family goes every year and we go skiing. It is so fun and I love the cold weather. It is also fun to go with friends. It is also really relaxing.

The Summer of Broken Things

For my ISR I am reading a book called the Summer of Broken Things. It takes place in Ohio and Spain. There are two girls one is Kayla(who is poor and lives in a small town) and Avery (who is the opposite). They used to be friends when they were younger but now Avery and Kayla hate each other. It is the summer and Avery’s dad has to go to Spain for his job for 8 months and he is taking Avery with him. She can take a friend but all her friends are going to camp so his dad chooses Kayla. They go to Spain and while they are there Avery and Kayla find out a secret that will change there lives.


This weekend my cousin and Aunt came to visit. They live in Houston so it wasn’t too far but my cousin is only 4 so she can’t sit too long. They got to my house on Friday night and Elizebeth (my cousin) was so exited. It took her almost an hour to calm down and finally go to sleep. On Saturday we did crafts in the morning and later went to Zilker park and rode the train. She loved it! But while we were out it started to rain so we went home and she played with toy trains. On Sunday morning, they were going to leave and go back to Houston, but my aunt wanted to stay so she could get some work done so they left around lunch instead.