This is a  fishing rod. I like to fish in my free time my dad brings me fishing when ever we are at the beach. I like fishing with my dad. I also go with my brothers.  I remember one time in the Dominican of republic we caught three mahi-mahi.  I have never caught a shark before but one day I will mark my words.

The journey back

This book is about a child name Micheal, but everyone calls him Digger. He was a very naughty child so he went to a child prison. He went there for pranking some one and his child died. He then got away from the school by going in a garbage truck. He then jumped out of the truck and then found a another truck so then he stole it and drove it and it caught on fire so he jumped out of the truck and has been in the forest for days. He then found a camp site and is now staying with people

Football Tips

You can learn from this video on how to get better. You can see how they catch the ball and tuck it. You can also see how the run faster by taking long strides. You can also see how to line up on the ball for the right position.

If you want to learn more go to this site.

Why I Like Basketball

Basketball Is one of my favorite sports. One of the reasons why I like basketball is because is it is in Inside so it’s very cool. I also like to shot hoops, dribble and play defense. I am not very good at basketball but I still like. So those are the reasons why I like basketball. 🏀