An Open Letter To All Incoming Peoples

An Open Letter to All Incoming 6th and 7th Graders

Dear incoming 7th Graders,

Yes, I do recognize the feeling. Fear. Stress. I was there once. But I believe that in writing to you this letter, you will come to realize that it is not… so bad.

I hope you have some sense that WestRidge is a very good middle school. Academics, Athletics, Food, etc. So what is there to be scared of? Bad teachers? No. Bad lunch? No. Bullies? No. Teasing? Uh… Maybe. So what is there really to be afraid of. I’m guessing from my experience is new people and no more classes with all your best buddies. That’s OK.

Another stressing point is that you will have more homework. Keeping up with one or two sheets of paper is already enough, but with a entire stack of Spanish, Math, and Science, there’s always one paper that gets lost. Then you get a zero, no matter what excuse you make up. So always keep up with everything the best you can, and have a specific binder or folder for every class.

Maybe there are some cons, but there are definitely some Pros. First off, classes are very fun with lots of labs and days where you can relax. Each person has their own iPad which is used for turning in homework and searching the web. The food is also good with lots of variety and taste.

But one thing you’ll definitely look forward to is Extra Curricular classes! Orchestra, my favorite class period, is a very fun period (full of Asians) where we play our instruments and have movie days, and parties VERY often. You should definitely choose Orchestra for one of your classes. Other classes such as Teen Skills and Student Aid are also great opportunities to learn while having enormous amounts of fun.

I know you WANT to get good grades. But it takes too much work. And doing tons of work is tiring. And – I could rant on and on, but you should listen closely to these next paragraphs. Cause it might, just might, help you understand how some people do get good grades.

Getting bad grades is what most parents find triggering. They get scared for your high school GPA. But you get mad when they tell you about it ALL the time. So your relationship turns dark with your parents. One way that you can get better grades and not start this bad cycle, is to always set your goals high and your mind straight. Your goal is to finish two weeks of work, instead of one. Believe it or not, you’ll find that when you’re coming home Thursday on a typical Thursday, you’ll find when you don’t have any homework, but to read a book, and memorize some flash cards!

A even better tip is to finish most of your work in class and always being on task. Playing or reading an Anime book will get you NOWHERE… except… oh, never mind. I really hope this letter made you realize how easy school can be. And maybe even how it can be fun.

One more last minute tip! Making new friends and having a good sense of humor will definitely move you up a league. You’ll become more popular and people will see your inner character and come to like who you are.

See, Middle School might not be the worst nightmare. In fact it could be the favorite few years of your life time!

Best of Luck,

School’s Almost Out!

Yessssssss! School is finally coming to an end. What good things will happen every day in my life during the summer. Jumping and splashing in pools, tanning myself at the beach, and playing video games at home sometimes.

No more worries about unfinished homework or not turning something in. All there is to think about is relaxing. You can almost feel the stress and discomfort you’ve been holding in all year come out of you. Washed away like a flowing waterfall. Everything comes in abounds. Food, hanging out with friends, summer camps, Instagram, etc. When summer rolls around I’m also going to Washington D.C. and a summer camp there (#asiansonly) for 3 weeks.

Food! Food is definitely one of the most important. Eating Popsicles and ice cream and cramming chips and BBQ into your mouth as you savor the wonderful taste of summer and food. In the summer, I can also go to San Jose, the place where my dad works, to enjoy amazing sunsets and sunrises with amazing Thai restaurants to fulfill my everyday need.

Ahhhhhh, summer. Quit dreaming, won’t ya! We still have more than a month till all of this. Aw shucks, time to stop thinking about summer and working till the end! Or not.

Spring Break and Its Fabulous Moments

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another post on Bowen’s Epic Blog. Today is warm, with lots of sunshine…

Yeah, you get the point, spring break is coming up, blah blah blah. But what do you plan on doing in spring break? Hanging out with friends, studying furiously for an upcoming test outside of school, or maybe even just sleeping for 20 hours followed by 4 hours of loafing down a few slices of pizza and playing video games. Aside from last that, have you ever taken into notice why this break is called “spring” break. Because, one: Duh, it’s in the spring, and two, it’s a time to go have a picnic with your family, watch the butterflies fly back and forth pollinating each flower, or just smell the scent of the fresh morning air that only spring can offer.

For me, spring break will be sleeping in, hanging out with friends, playing games here and there, and last but not least, running 2 miles every morning. The fresh scent of spring air is like a mix of peppermint and dew on the grass. Just breathing it offers an incredible sensation that not even the best aroma ever will give. Maybe you are ready to spring up and go somewhere now. But before you do go somewhere, take a look at all the places you can visit!

Spring break will also be a break from school and loads of homework. Ahhhhhh… It’s finally time to kick back and… Wait “I need to go running!”










Things that Have Happened Lately

Hi, and welcome back guys to another Epic post on Bowen’s Epic Blog! Today I will be telling you guys about the chair test results 😉 and the MATHCOUNTS Competition last Saturday. I’ve had an amazing week. Can you guess why?I got 2nd chair in chair test! Can you believe it! Of course you can.

Anyways, the blog post is going to be mostly about random stuff, so hang in there! Do you guys know what MATHCOUNTS is?! Well, if you don’t know just read on.  I got into State MATHCOUNTS competition last Saturday and I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard my name get called to go in front of the audience to receive the package for going to State. I felt about ready to pop and explode, like fireworks in the sky at night, on Chinese New Years.

Clash Royale: I haven’t talked about clash Royale in a looonnngggg time. I still playing though. Well, I’m going to tell you what I personally think is the most op rare card in the game –  the Battering Ram. What? What did you just say?! The battering ram?! What?! Yes. Calm Down.

The Battering Ram is like a combination of a tiny – tiny log and two barbarians. But only costing four elixir, and being such a versatile card I would give it a 9.9999 repeating out of 10. Now you know the basic format of the card, so let’s get into some serious strategy.

Defense: “How can it be used on defense”, is probably what your thinking. Many ways. Let’s give the funniest example. You have elite barbs and fire spirits coming torwards you. You would probably think, “that’s opeeeee” (Neo’s quote) and ” undefeaataablee ah” (also Neo’s quote), but in reality if you are not a noob and you use my deck, you’re in good hands. Let’s say they’re coming down the left lane. You put the battling ram in the middle and make sure it goes charging away to the right. Then the elite barbs will reach it, with the fire spirits, but the fire spirits will probably take the Rams damage. Then it explodes and the 2 barbarians + the tower take it out. If that’s not enough, put down a cannon or something powerful like electro wizard. But also not giving away all your cards, and wasting elixir.

Now, imagine you have a elite barbs executioner combo. Wait! Let me tell you my deck, just so I don’t confuse you.

The deck consists of: Electro wizard, battering ram, executioner, log, Cannon, Mortar, and some other stuff.

Continuing, we defend by again starting with our Battering Ram, but this time torwards the same lane. Make sure not to put it too close or else the executioner will take it out with too much ease. After quickly follow up with cannon and log when the first elite barbs touches the cannon. You have just defended a 10 electric push with 9 elixir. You gained one elexir from the trade and now you have your executioner to play in the back and have a push of our own.

Sorry guys, but I won’t have enough time to talk about offense, cause I have other stuff to do, but see ya next time!





Chair Test/ Orchestra

Pixabay CCO

Hi, and a warm welcome back to Bowen’s Epic Blog. Today I’m going to do a little more talking on my favorite period in school – Orchestra. If you don’t know me, I’ve been in Sinfonia since the start of the school year.  I had a rough start with the first “chair test”, which was All Region, and was placed in the last few chairs in the Viola section.

Now, I hope the tables are turned. My goal is to get in the top 2 chairs. The chair test is over for me now, and I ponder of what the results will be. I tried my best, and didn’t really mess up. There was one place, expecting marcato, but instead I played it legato. I don’t know if that’ll have the greatest impact on my placement, but as I asked some of my friends, they told me it was fine. This blog post could end here at 156 words, but I think I’ll elaborate more.

If you’re in Band or Choir, I hope your listening, like actually using your eyes and reading what’s written before you. Let’s start off by saying Orchadork is a nice nickname and we’d like to thank you (Choir and Band kids) for coming up with such a cool name.

Secondly, I’d like to tell everyone about my experience in Orchestra. Our Orchestra director is probably THE best teacher at WestRidge. If you disagree, argue all you want down below in the comments. We get to throw lots of parties and have fun in Orchestra. We can always a joke around with other sections, and our own when we feel like it, and I just feel like it’s an amazing learning and friendly environment for everyone.

Thirdly, I’d like to say there are lots of my friends (girls and boys) in my Orchestra. The first day you enter the room, you smell fresh wood and rosin. No surprises. The second day, you will be skipping into the room as joyful as ever and take your place.

To be more specific, here is a routine:

1. Go inside the room

2. Tune and prep your instrument

3. If Ms. Compton hasn’t ordered you to do warm up, Chilllllllllll

This post is pretty crazy, and kind of sways between my thoughts. Oh yeah, I think you should know this 😉 : I PLAY THE VIOLA.Viola’s the best. You can play so many different tunes from C to A, and shift to play notes on the E string. Playing a strings instrument is all about hand/wrist coordination and playing the right note with your left hand. Another important technique we use in Orchestra is called Vibrato. You use your left hand and sway your hand back and forth like shaking a bottle very lightly. It adds tone and makes whichever note your playing very elegant. It also makes you look professional.

I’m going to sum up today’s post by telling you a joke SUPER DUPER BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY joke. What is the difference between a viola and violin? (Answer is at bottom)











There is none. It’s just that the violinist’s head is bigger. Ha.ha…ha…

Paper and Paper Planes

Google Images

Hi, what’s up my dudes and dudettes! Today I will be talking to you guys about 2 fairly new mobile games. The new “popular” game in the world called  Paper Planes is so far only available on Android. It’s an amazing creative work that allows you to send paper planes flying around the globe. The reason I put quotaion marks around popular is because it has just been recently released. But without a doubt I believe that it will expand to a popular, wild card game.

“What’s the point,” you might ask. There is none. It’s a way to communicate and have fun with flying paper airplanes. To be frank, the basic point is to fly planes around the world and track your progress and who’ve gotten your planes. But that doesn’t sound fun without movement. In the GOOGLE I/O event with paper planes took place lately and watching a video, people who have downloaded the app, effortlessly place their phones horizontally into the palms of their hands and legit, throw. ( of course not throwing your phone) You can see your airplane with whatever color stamp you chose, fly into the large swarm of other planes. “How do you receive a plane?” The task is also simple. Vertically hold your phone and swing it a bit to the left. There is a net, so when you do make the small motion you catch a plane. You then get to see where it has traveled and then fly it somewhere else to somebody else. Paper Planes isn’t really a game, it just a really cool and enjoyable way to track progress and “talk” to other people around the globe.

This could be the end of my post right here, but I’ve decided to talk about another app. The app is called Lots of you have probably hear of it and play it. The point is also very straightforward.  Abolish the line “other players” are trying to make and create more space of your own color by connecting back to your original space. More quotations? Why? About 2 days ago, I learned that they weren’t actually actual player online but actually bots. I think that should definitely get promoted to play world – wide with real people. Strategies and logical thinking are a BIG part of this, but I’m also going to give you a few of my tips:

1. Never go on rampage and trigger everyone – more specifically, DONT DIE.

2. Stay in your color and circle in it, if you are not sure of where to go, or if you don’t know if any bot is near.

3. Never try to get to the blocks right next to the border. Pssstt, it kills you.

4. Always take the chance to kill. But when I say always I don’t mean barging in when a bot’s about to kill another bot and your in open space.

5. Try to stay near ( not super near) the borders so when you gain area around in a irregular rectangular shape you can connect and get all the middle space inside. (Figure out  why I mean if your not that smart)

There, some super- amazing tips. I think that’s going to be all for this post, but stay tuned!




Pokemon Soul Silver


Hey, what’s up guys. Today it’s Bowen bringing you another Pokemon post. Pokemon Soul Silver is my favorite video games as you all know, and last time I talked to you guys, I only had a Quilava, Sentret, and Spearow on my team.

Now, my team is much more complicated. I have Lapras as my main TANK and my buddy Pokemon, Sentret as a HM slave, Heracross as an extremely strong attacker, Flaffy is just a electric type with OK stats that will soon be an Ampharos with amazing stats. And finally, Spearow has evolved into a Fearow, which is extremely quick and also has decent attack. My team has evolved much over time as you can see, and will continue to grow even stronger.

Now for the WHY’s:

Why did I choose Cyndaquil in the very start?

I actually had a really hard choice to make because I love all fire types (and Water types) and Cyndaquil once it gets to its full evolution, it becomes Typhlosion, who is beast but I also like Totodile’s because Feraligator(Totodile’s full evo) is also BEAST and can learn basically all of the HM’s. It also has the best attack stats although typhlosion has best overall stats. Chikorita is just complete TRASH with terrible stats except for at the beginning, when it has the best stats.

Why did I choose to catch a Sentret at the very beginning after I got PokeBalls?

Because Sentret as stated above, is a HM slave, basically meaning you can teach teach almost any hm after evolving it to Furret at lv. 15. Sentret was also the easiest one to catch. You would always have a high chance at day or in the morning of catching one.

Why did I get a Mareep?

Mareep is an electric type which is my 2nd favorite type of Pokemon after Water. It also have some very good moves at the start such as thunder shock, and after it evolves into Ampharos, it looks really cute and amazing. Mareep also has the static ability which gives it a chance to paralyze the opponent when the opponent attacks Flaffy or the other way around.

Why did I get a Spearow?

Spearow evolves into Fearow which can learn a wide variety of moves, including: Pursuit, Assurance, Fly, Agility, Aerial Ace, and much more. And since Assurance is a Dark type move it can be very helpful in defeating powerful trainers that use Ghost and Physic type Pokemon.

And last but not least, why did I get a Lapras?

Lapras is my main TANK and has the best stats on my team. It is absolutely BEAST with extremely high hp. And it is especially good with lots of powerful types like Dragon, because it has ice type moves.

So there you go, that’s my team! I’m still looking for a 6 th member that is a different type than the rest of my team. So if you happen to know a really good type of Pokemon, tell me in the comments below!


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Best Deck

Recently my friend cough* cough* Neo, wrote a post about how he writes Clash Royale posts better than me. He told you guys about the deck that won number 1 in the clash Royale tourney was this:

Golem, Musketeer, Mega Minion, Log, Tombstone, Minions, Zap and Lightning.

The Golem is an AMAZING card that if used correctly can crush any deck. Golem starts in the front and Mega Minion/ Musketeer follows behind. Then save for Lightning to take out buildings or wizards and stuff.

But I don’t have the Log! That’s ok, you can include Arrows or Fire Spirits, because they also do splash damage. Minions are used usually for Defense or cutting out the Inferno Tower. You can do that by placing them in the middle so the Golem can destroy the tower before it roasts the Golem.

Tombstone is a very commonly used card, that can be placed to eliminate mini Pekkas and distract large damaging troops. But the only thing keeping it high up in our clash Royale best cards list is that it splits into 4 skeletons.

The Mega Minion got nerfed recently but only by a little although lots of people are making a big deal about it. I also know that Poison would be amazing with a golem deck. Poison could kill off all smarmy troops and could also destroy elixir collectors and does an extra 10% damage with the NEW UPDATE which could do tons of damage to a tower.

Today, the post will be extremely short, and I’m going to stop right here, but don’t forget to stay tuned.





Royale has Elites!


Welcome back to another Clah Royale post! It’s been a while hasn’t it. Last time we talked we talked about the update. But now two new cards have already come out! Whew!

We have lots to go over, so let’s get going!

First, I’d like to go over the most recently released card. The Elite Barbarians! They are just like what I said. Double Lumberjacks! What! No way! And only for 6 elexir!!! So what.

To me, they are the worst commons in the game other than goblins. They cost as much as the Royal gg, which I placed first out of all cards. While they can pack a good punch, they also can be destroyed very easily. I also notice their speed is only a bit faster than regular barbarian speed.

The only good deck I could recommend is:

Hog, skeleton army, elite barbs, zap, fireball, mini pekka, Valkyrie, and Inferno Tower.

You can alter the deck using Princess instead of fireball. Or Ice Wizard for mini Pekka.

Mt point is Elite Barbarians are trash, no offense to those of you who think they are really good with lumberjacks and can really help support hogs. The electric is just too much pl maybe 4 elixir could bring it up a whole bunch.


Tornado is an amazing card that can drag troops around and temporarily damaging and stopping them. It goes really well with really ANY card, and acts as a barrier to annoying troops like goblin barrel and spear goblins.

THIS IS TOP SECRET: If you’ve read to hear already, you are very lucky.

Secret: the secret is the tornado and the miner frenzy. If you place the tirade a third of the way on the crown tower and the other tower the miner is digging to, the miner has a 80% chance of going and hitting the Kings tower, which activates it!!!

Ok, back to the post. But don’t tell anyone about what I just told you!

Anyways, the Tornado is a much more elite than those elite barbarians. Here are some good tornado decks:

Tornado, Miner, Goblins, Minions, Inferno Tower, zap, arrows, and goblin barrel.

Tornado, Giant, Sparky, Minions, Zap, Fireball, mega Minion, and Skelly army.

Thx for reading if you read it ALL THE WAY down here. PEACE OUT!









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