I had been traveling for three years now, over the freezing sea. When I finally found land, I got out my map, and started to follow it. I walked for what seemed like two weeks, when I reached the X on the map. I looked up to see a cave titled “The house of Grendel”. I knocked on the door of the cave. I waited for about twenty minutes when, I finally heard the unlocking of the door. I like up to see a ugly looking monster. It finally spoke, and told me to be aware of the monster that dwelled only ten miles from the cave. I told him that I was actually trying to stay the beast. He looked at me with confusion, and kicked me out of the house.

I was on my own once more. I walked and walked for about nine point nine miles, when out of nowhere the Earth cracked open, and out came a giant wolf. The wolf warned me not to come near him, but I kept on walking. It said it was Fennir, and that it was afraid if no one. I want fazed by what he said, but instead I jumped up at him, with my unbreakable chains. In a quick moment I saw only his giant paw coming towards my face, and then the whole world went black.

I woke up to find Grendell’s ugly face two inches from mine.

    “Welcome to Valhalla, Beowulf, I have been expecting you.” He said with a faint grin.

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