A Suprize in the Lake

A Surprise in the Lake

“Splash” the water says
“Splish” the shore says
“Splat” the boat says

As we jump up off a bump
The boat says “kerplunk”
As we sail on the lake
We all say “woowee!!”

As we came to a halt
We thought it was our fault
But as we came closer
What’s that—could it be a turtle

The next time you’re on the lake
You better watch out
Because there could be a surprise
Swimming about

“Splash” the water says
“Splish” the shore says
“Splat” the boat says

Authors Note

I decided to write about the lake because I love the lake so much. I’ve pretty much been to lake at least five times a year since I can remember. Both my parents have lake houses and boats, so I get a lot of time on the lake. The lake is one of the best places to just let go and have fun and forget about school and all life’s problems.

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