Every year in the summer my family plans to travel somewhere, whether it’s in different states or in different countrys. This year as u may know from my previous blogs that we are going out of the country.

  From planning all this I’ve realized that I really wanna take a trip either out of the states or out of the country with some of my closest friends! I feel like I would really have a blast if some of my best friends came along because it would make our friendship even more closer and it’ll be way fun.

  If I got to choose the place to go to it would probably be Cabo or Iceland. Those are my 2 favorite places to visit! If we took a trip to any of those two places I would probably bring 4-6 of my best friends and their parents. The girls can do their own thing and the guys can do theirs?.

  I talked to my parents and they are down with the idea so maybe with some more planning and communicating this whole thing can happen!! It probably wont happen until next years spring break or summer!! Ya im super excited and I can’t wait to see what happens. Stay tuned!!!!✈️????????????⛲️⛲️⛰?⛺️?????????????

Summer Part 2

Our school gets out for summer break on May 25, which means there is only 24 more school days left!! In my opinion I think School has gone by really fast, but honestly I’m so ready for school to be over ? And for summer to start, I think everyone is.

My summer is going to be filled with trips and golf tournaments. My parents have already signed me up to play in 35 golf tournaments this  summer, and my brother is planning to play in over 40! It’s crazy!!  On the bright side I’m probably going to come back to school looking super tan or super red.

If you have read my previous post you might have saw that my family has a trip planned to go to Scotland, Ireland and London in July. I’m super pumped for that even though it’s like 3 month away. We will be out of the country for 2 weeks so hopefully we will get to experience a ton of things while we are visiting those places.

My dad said the wind In Scotland and Ireland will be super strong and the rain will be on and off, so hopefully are tee times won’t be  in the way of those conditions. We are supposed to play 36 holes of golf each day while we are in Scotland, but it’ll be split up a little bit. 18 holes in the morning, and 18 holes after lunch.

When we go to Irleand we will just play  18 a day which will be more relaxing, yet not as fun!! In the end I’m super pumped for these fun trips, and can’t wait for them to come!!!




Why Happiness is good


Laughing, smiling, even showing goofy expressions these are just some of many examples that show happiness. Choose to be happy in life because I guarantee it will make you feel a lot better. I’m a big believer in being happy, and y’all should too, if not already.

Think of this, would you rather be happy or sad for the rest of your life? For me with out a doubt, I would choose to be be happy. I’m sure that would be majority of the answers. Don’t you always feel great whenever you laugh or show funny expressions? Scientist say that laughing makes you live a longer, and healthy life style. Who wouldn’t love that! Heck I would probably live until I’m 100 years old if that’s the case. ?

Every time I smile, laugh or awe at something I always get a warm hearted feeling, which makes me feel happy. So why wouldn’t you want to feel that? If you are going through a hard time in life right now, don’t worry I believe you can always find a way to become happy.

What I’m trying to say out of all this, is to just live life being happy no matter what the case is. Happiness can always make a bad situation turn into a good one if you just give it a try.



I enjoy playing many sports, but the 3 main ones I like to do the most are golf,volleyball and basketball. I feel like I’m the best at golf out of those 3 just because I put a ton of hours into it and I really enjoy doing it.

This semester I decided to get the extended PE waiver for golf, which I’m pretty sure is about 15 hours a week. I did this because last semester I only had the 5 hour one which gave me no time to practice, but now that basketball season is over, and I have started to get out of school at 2:33 instead of 3:55 has helped me so much!

I try to get all my homework done before I go to the golf course, then stay there about 3 hours which gets me back home at 6:30ish. It works out really well because it gives me just enough time to shower and do a little studying. On Tuesdays and Thursday’s my brother and I try to get in a little work out after our rounds. We mostly focus on building up our legs and strengthening our arms.

Im so pumped for golf season to start even though I won’t be having that many friends as teammates because most of them don’t play, but I’m excited to make new ones, win some tournaments and just have fun!



I can’t wait for spring break! We aren’t going anywhere big, but we are going to some of my favorite places like the beach, golf courses and hotel resorts. I am trying to convince my parents to let my brother and I take 1 friend each to these places with us. Hopefully my parents will say yes, if not im sure I’ll have a blast no matter what.

As you may know my family are huge golfers, and during Spring Break my brothers varsity high school team will be playing at the TPC San Antionio golf course for a team tournament. Unfortunately I will not be playing, but I will be there to cheer them on!

I will get a chance to play though, my golf tournament will be held on the 2nd to last day of spring break, and I’ll be playing at my home course. I will be playing against 15 year old girls, so hopefully I can manage to pull off a win! I haven’t practiced in a long time due to my ankle injurys, but I’ve been getting lessons, and I’m healed and ready to go! To me I think that’s a great way to end my Spring break 2017, and a good thing about golf is that it’ll  make me look super tan:)!

Yay I can’t wait!!!!




Summer plans!!

Yay Im so excited for Summer, not only is there no school, but it also means vacation time!!! There’s so much stuff you can do and I love spending my summer with friends and family.

About a week ago, my dad announced to our family that we would be taking a vacation trip to Scotland, Ireland, and London. I’m really pumped to go to Scotland because my family are huge golfers and golf pretty much started in Scotland. We will stay there for a week and a half, and we will be playing at the St. Andrews golf course. The hotel called The Old Course Hotel which is located right off of the golf course and it’s so pretty!

When we go to Ireland we will be playing golf at the Old head golf course which is towards the bottom of Ireland. We will stay there for about a week. My mom and I will head on over to Bristol, London for a little girls trip while the boys fly back to Austin Texas.

We haven’t been confirmed with this, but after my mom and I have spent our good  4 days in London we will fly all the way over to Cabo San Lucas to meet up with my brother, dad and uncle who has recently moved to Cabo. I really hope I can go visit my uncle because I haven’t seen him in about 3 months and I heard there’s good fishing, so I really hope we get the chance to go deep sea fishing.

Ahhhh I can’t wait for summer and I’m sure I’m not the only one!! Looking forward to it!!!cco pixabay








Basketball injurys

This year and last year aka (2016) has been ruff. Especially with basketball! I have maybe played in like 7 games this year due do injurys.

I’m not the kind of person who has a sudden accident. I’m the kind of person who gets an injury, but puts it off until it gets to the point were I know somethings messed up. I know your probably thinking I’m crazy not dealing with it when it happens, but I hate not able to do things so that’s why I try to put it off to see if it heals on its own. Unfortunately with my luck that never happens.

Since basketball has started I’ve had 3 injurys, including strained quad, 2 metatarsal breaks on my right foot and now a fractured growth plate on my left ankle! Fun I know! Now when I went to the doctors for my ankle they gave me 3 choices between a cast, boot or like this air brace. When he said that I was just looking at him and thinking “are you crazy letting me pick what I want” and of course I was going to pick the fasted, easiest and most comfortable one, so I went with an air brace. I got my brace and crutches all ready to go, but right as I got up he said “In 4 weeks will see you again, and get you in a boot or cast” I was thinking “oh great I already have 2 pairs of crutches, and now 2 pairs of boots”!! Oh great!!!!!

So in 4 weeks I’ll tell y’all the results! Hopefully It will heal faster and I won’t even need a boot or cast, but until then wish me luck!!!!


AHHH I’m super excited for Christmas 2016.  Only 16 more days and 35 min.

This year has actually gone by super fast. Watch I say that, but in a month or so it’s going to feel like forever until summer break? My top things I really want  are a MacBook Pro, gold Apple Watch or James Avery rings. I don’t really want a new phone this year “shocker” ha I mean I do love the new iPhone 7, but I would rather stick with my 6s.

Honestly this year has been really good so far and hopefully 2017 will be just as great! Which holiday do you like better Christmas or New Years? I think I would probably say Christmas because of all the things you can do that time of year. My favorite thing about Christmas will deffiently be putting up decorations around the house with your family members. OHHH and Christams songs playing on the radio in November!! Like that’s the best thing ever?

I’ve been counting down the days until Christmas Day for so long now, and I can’t wait for Christmas Eve to just sit by the fireplace while opening presents and enjoying some Christmas movies with the fam. I know this Christmas will be great and I’m so excited for it to hurry up and already get here!!



By: Brooke!

Bring me out to the beach
Take me out to the sea
Let me enjoy the salty air
Let me enjoy the sandy shore
as I dig and dig down and down
I notice
That each hole I’ve dug had a part of the sea come up along
The beach balls
The sand castles
Oh what a beautiful sight
Oh what a beautiful feeling
To be standing on the seaside beach
We set out into the endless waters for fishing
The sea shell colors varied the deeper we got into the sea
And the water got lighter
Once we got to out fishing spot we set out the rods
I wondered if there were different creatures lurking in the royal arctic waters
I got a feeling that I was being watched
Being watched by massive creatures with deadly sharp teeth
Sharks? Or are there more creatures down there that we don’t know of?!
“FISH ON!, FISH ON!” I shouted
And after 15 min of fighting this creature
Everything seemed to pause
Everything seemed to slow down
My hands got weak and my body starting to shut down
We finally got the fish on board and everyone’s eyes widen
“THATS A YELLOW FIN” the captain shouted
Once we got back to the docs
We weighed it, Measured it And took pictures with it
Oh what a beautiful sight
Oh what a beautiful feeling
To be here at seaside beach




AUTHORS NOTE: I got inspired to write about the beach because my favorite place to visit would be there. I could never get bored there and there’s always something new and exciting to do!


2016 election results New president New changes.

As the whole entire America might know that we have elected a new president Donald J Trump, and we might all know by now that he has a mind of his own. Yes I was rooting for him but honestly I didn’t want Hilary Clinton (his opponent) or him to win ?. The only reason why I like Trump is because of his powerful voice and that he knows what he’s talking about, he’s also a republican.

On January 1st 2017, Donald Trump will be the official president of the United States Of America and former president Barack Obama will move out and have Trump take his spot. Donald Trump will be our president for 4 years until the next election which will be taking place on November 3rd 2020. I’m actually really nervous about these next 4 years. What will change in America? Will America become great again? That’s what we have to wait and find out!

So until 2020 we will be stuck with Donald Trump ? Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing yet, but for right now it’s good. I can’t wait to see the new candidates that will be running in 4 years! You probably already know that once you become president you only get to be it for 4 years then after those 4 years oh being president you can’t run again until the next election. It’s confusing, but hopefully that made since? Maybe Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton will run against each other again. That would be a close election, but a fun one to watch!