School Is Almost Over!!!!!

School is almost over, all we have left is only fifteen and a half days. And I can’t wait for summer vacation.

School It’s almost done, but we still have a reading STAAR test to do, and probably some other tests and quizzes left. But still I can’t wait to go on vacation, chill with may family,SLEEP IN, have no homework. I have almost made it through the hole year, and after a hole nine months of seventh grade its almost over.

And yet it’s still not over and we still do have another fifteen and a half days left of waking up early in the morning to get on the bus and go to school.

Final District Track Meet

The last track meet happened a couple weeks ago but I’m going to write about it now. It’s the finals for district, and I’m going to run the sixteen hundred meter relay.

The sixteen hundred relay is the very last race of the meet, which means I was nervous for about three and a half hours. The meet is going to be at Dripping Springs High School. While I was waiting for my event to come up: I got to go and measure the distance for district discus.

The track meet was fun though I got to watch all of the events, and I also got to finish all of my homework and play on my phone. Then my event was up and I needed to warm up, and I was NERVOUS!!!! First went the first runner then the second we were in fourth place and I was up, I got the hand off and I ran… but it wasn’t enough.

In the end we came in fourth place out of the seven places in district. Even though we didn’t get first we still didn’t get last and it was fun. And the seventh grade boys got third out of all of the schools which is good.


Football, I think is the best sport in the world. Of course I’m not talking about European football I’m talking about American football. So why do I like football so much?

I love football whether it’s  winning against another team or nocking someone down I love it all. I like how nervous I get before a game and then how great I feel after it. I like watching football games on my tv whether my team is winning or not and sitting on my couch eating junk food while watching the game. There is only one thing I don’t like about football is how tired, exhausted, and sore I am after the event.

So why do I like football so much? I like it because it is fun and exiting either when I’m watching the game or when I’m playing in one. And no matter how tired I get from playing or how mad I get from seeing my team lose it still is my game.



Track Meet

This weeks track meet was at Dripping Springs. I was pretty nervous to run my races which were the 800 meter run and the 400 meter dash but I was ready.

I was at my starting line with three other West Ridge kids, and then the I heard the gun shoot and I sped off. The first lap I kept a pretty good pace with everybody around me but I still had one more to go, then before I knew it the last one hundred meters were right in front of me and I put everything I had into it and I finished not having a clue of what place I got I walked off to get ready for my next race.

Then just a few events later I was back at the start line about to run the 400 meter dash. I started the race and I over strided the first one hundred meters and then started to gain speed on the last 300 meters. When I hit the finish line I looked up and I was in fourth place with a terrible time of 1:04.

That was the end of the track meet for me so I packed up and left to go home for the night feeling ok with myslf.

Super Bowl LI

It’s Super Bowl 51 and this year it’s the Atlanta Falcons and New Egland Patriots. It was a close game and for the first time in football history a Super Bowl went into overtime. This super Bowl I’m going for the Falcons only because they are facing the Patriots.

The first quarter no one got any points onto the score board but that was about to change. The second quarter the Falcons get twenty one to the Patriots three point field goal. The third quarter rolled around and I was feeling good because both the teams scored one touch down, but the Patriots missed the extra point and after that I thought  the Patriots wouldn’t have a chance at winning the game.

It’s the end of the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 51 and— holy crap the Patriots are tied with the Falcons with the score of twenty eight to twenty eight. It’s overtime and the Patriots have a chance to win the Super Bowl against the Falcons and… noooo! The Patriots won the coin toss and the game is over the New Egland Patriots win Super Bowl 51 against the Atlanta Falcons.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl when the Falcons had a nineteen point lead on the Patriots in the third quarter.


Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl, for you all who don’t know what the Pro Bowl is it’s game between AFC and NFC players that made the team. I was shore that the NFC would win, but as I watched the game my confidence depleted.

The first quarter both teams held each other away from the end zones with no one scoring. But then the second quarter came and AFC got a 7 point lead on NFC with a score of 14-7 but I still new there was time for NFC to come back. After halftime AFC got a field goal while NFC got no points. In the fourth quarter I still had hope in NFC even though the score was 17-7, and we did score more than AFC they still won.

The ending score of this years Pro Bowl was 20-13 with AFC winning.

Falcons & Packers

The Atlanta Falcons and the Green Bay Packers, who will go to the Super Bowl? And go up against either the New England Patriots or the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I was pretty exited to watch this game and see the Falcons kick Green Bay’s butt and that’s exactly what happened. In the first quarter the Falcons had a lead on the Packers by one field goal and a touch down to nothing, ending the first quarter with the score only 10-0. Then came the second quarter and the Falcons get a huge lead of 24 points with Green Bay still at zero. After half time the Packers actually got some points on the score board making the score  37-15, but the Falcons still more than doubled Green Bay’s points. So the Packers will have to step up to have a chance of winning, but they didn’t. The game ended with the score being 44-21. The Falcons will be going to the Super Bowl.

And why’ll the Falcons were celebrating the Patriots won against the Steelers making the      Super Bowl consist of the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.

Clemson vs Alabama

The undefeated Alabama vs the 14-1 Clemson. I was exited to see how this game would turnout and I like how the game went.

The first quarter Alabama pulls ahead with one touchdown to nothing. But the Tigers weren’t going to let Crimson Tide win that easily. The second quarter comes and both teams end the first half of the game with Alabama in the lead and a score of 14-7.  It’s the third quarter and Clemson try’s but the Crimson Tide  wouldn’t let them get the lead with the ending score of 24-14. Then the fourth quarter starts and I don’t have much hope for Crimson to win, but that didn’t show in the ending score of 31-35!

Clemson came back in the last quarter beating the once undefeated Crimson Tide.

Dallas Cowboys vs Minnesota Vikings

The Cowboys barely beat the Vikings, the score was only a 2 point difference.

This was a great game and close game but I always knew the Cowboys would win. I was about to jum of the coach in the first quarter. The Vikings scored a field goal and the Cowboys score was 0 the end of the quarter was 3-0. Then the second quarter came and the Cowboys got a touchdown and I was so relieved to see the Cowboys up 4 points at the start of halftime.

It’s the third quarter and I am exited about what happens. And in that quarter the Vikings get another field goal and the quarter ends with me feeling nervous because the score was 7-6 and the Vikings were almost tied with the Cowboys. Then It was the fourth quarter and this was the time to get close the game agianst the Vikings. The end of the game came and I was so happy that I was jumping around the room because the Cowboys won the game and Dallas scored 10 points to Minnesota’s 9 and the ending score was 17-15.

My English Poem

The turf below your cleats
The sun and the heat
The feeling of getting hit
The grit of your teeth
This is so lit
You wouldn’t want to quit
The laces of the ball
Against the gloves on your hands
The fans in the bleachers
You need to take a breather
But you wouldn’t want to quit
Because that would make you a loser


I was inspired to write this poem about football because I love football. I really like how I changed the form of my poem. I want my poem to pull my reader in and make it feel like they were there watching the moment that happened in my poem.