This weekend I’m going with my friends to Fredricksburg!! We are staying in a little red barn!! What we are going to do is go swimming—because there’s a pool at the barn— , shopping, and go eat at some cool restaurants. Me and my friends do girls trip every year, and think this one is going […]


Everyday I go into math thinking it’s going to be fun… but it’s terrible! One reason why math is terrible is because you learn stuff that you will never use in life. Like using a pie chart, or using a dot plot, or finding the area of a triangle. We learn the same thing every […]


This we had cheer “tryouts”! I put the quotations by tryouts because everybody makes the team, so it’s kind of useless to go because you already make the team The first thing we did was run three laps around the whole gym. Then we pulled out the blue mats and we started to stretch. When we […]

Spring Break!!!!!!

Spring Break is coming!!! This Spring Break I’m going with one of my very good friends. We don’t know where we’re going yet, but it will be super fun wherever we go. They usually go to Las Vegas, so we might go there. Or we might go to a beach somewhere. Al Case via Compfight […]


WRMS basketball season is almost over. We have a game this Thursday, and then we have a bye week, and then another game. In basketball we have had 2 tournemnts. It’s our last couple weeks of basketball, so our coach is pushing us. I’m sad that it’s ending. We haven’t won many games, but I […]

Christmas Tree!!!!!!

This week my family and I put up the Christmas tree!!? My tree is filled with lots of colors, and fun ornaments. My favorite ornament is this little wooded tiger that my aunt gave to me when I was a little girl. My Christmas tree isn’t a formal looking Christmas tree because we have colorful […]

Merry Little Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

? Hanging up Christmas lights on the front porch. Little snowflakes start to fall. The Candles are lit with joy.“ A Holly Jolly Christmas” is playing inside the house. Family and friends come to celebrate. The tree, starting to sprout. Silver and gold ornaments hang. The fireplace giving warmth to the whole house. Hot chocolate […]