The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle



The book called “The Truth as Told by Mason buttle” by Leslie Connor  is a mystery book. It’s starts out as a boy named Mason Buttle who had this best friend named Benny kilmartin. Benny died falling off a ladder that was leading up to a tree fort he had with Mason.

Mason was bullied at school because of a spelling bee the school was having. Everyone made fun of him especially a kid named Matt Drinker. Matt always bullied Mason because one day when Mason was on his sled in the snow he flew in their window and broke their ping pong table. Matt was really mad but his Mom wasn’t so mad and that’s when Mason started taking care of their dog Moonie.    

Later on at school when mason was in Mrs. Blinnys class for lunch he met a kid named Calvin Chumsky. Calvin and Mason became best friends when Mason helped Calvin get away from Matt and his friends throwing apples and lacrosse balls at them . They soon started meeting everyday after school.

One day when Mason and Calvin were hanging out they found a root cellar which they use to get away from Matt and his friends. I like how they call their neighborhood crumbledown and how well Mason and Calvin get along.

That’s all I have read of the book so far and I’d recommend this book if you like mystery.

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The adventure in Costa Rica

In 2017 for spring break my family and my dads buisness partners family went to Costa Rica. When we first got off the plane we met up with the guide and went to our house. The house was really nice. It had a pool that had a view of the ocean and the monkeys in the trees.

When we woke up we where greeted by some really delicious food that are cook had put together for us. When we finished we hooped on the golf cart down to the beach. Our guide took us to these surfing lessons down on the beach where we learned to surf and after ate at a restaurant that was on the beach.

The next day we went to another beach called Shell beach it was filled with so many differnt shells . There was barely even sand it was all just shells that led into the ocean. We stayed there for a while and then we went back up to the house, which me and maya got to drive the golf cart too. We swam in the pool for a while and the went to bed.

Then we woke up again to a tasteful breakfast and drove to another beach. When we got to the beach we where handed snorkel gear and we went into this cave and went scuba diving. My brother said he saw a pufferfish and I just saw a bunch of really vibrant  fishes and then I went back so I could go eat a sandwich my mom had packed for us . My dad kept swimming around and came back saying he saw a small shark.

We went to another beach where they sold boogie boards and surf boards so we bought some of those. When we where walking down the beach to go find a good spot to sit  we saw my friend Katie and her family and we went boogie boarding with her and surfed a little. The waves where really big and the water was really blue and clear. After that we went back to her house which was also really cool and pretty. We swam there for a while and then had a sleepover.

The  next couple days we went to the beach and shopped around at really cool shops. I got some really cool things like hats, swimsuits sunglasses, T shirts and more. We also ate at really cool restaurants and swam at the pool some days and hung out with Katie. When it was time to go home I was really sad Because I didn’t want to leave . I really love Costa Rica and I can’t wait to go visit it again.