Oh, Thanksgiving the joy you bring



            Oh, thanksgiving please be here

I can’t wait wait till you come this year.

            Going to Port Aransas with another French Family

Cecile, Vincent, Mailys, Camille, and Emilie

            Going to the beach everyday with them

Digging your feet in the sand

            Looking for shells for hours

Dipping my feet in the water, oh that fresh water

       Swimming for hours in the pool

            Sleeping at each other’s house almost everyday

Being with each other

           Remembering it every year

Anticipating spending Thanksgiving with my friend

           Oh, Thanksgiving please come



I wait everyday

           Every year

Just please be here

            I can’t wait anymore

You’re so far away

           Like a thousand months away

Finally, you’re here bringing the joy

           Every year

Bringing smiles on everybody’s faces

           It’s a tradition every year

The best, awesome, the most anticipating

           Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving oh the joy you bring when you’re here

Turkey on plates

           With potatoes

Vegetables and potatoes on the side with the turkey

            All sitting at the table

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

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