First Post

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For my very first blog post I’m going to be talking about my favorite day of the week……Friday!

I love Friday because one, I have no sports. Which means I can hangout with my friends. Two, that’s when the Westlake games are and I love watching those games. Lastly, no more school!!!!!! Also Friday’s are party days!!!

The Martian by Andy Weir

I’m reading The Martian by Andy Weir. You may have heard of it because it was made into a movie with Matt Damon as the main character. It is a science-fiction novel with lots of action and adventure. The book is mostly set on Mars and sometimes in NASA Headquarters. The book is about a team of astronauts on Mars who unexpectedly discover a storm is coming there way and they must decide if they should leave the planet or stay on it. That decision becomes a lot harder when one of their crew mates, Mark Watney, gets hit by a big flying piece of satellite. Thinking he’s dead they leave him not knowing where his body is. After the funeral back on Earth NASA discovers from pictures things on Mars were moved. Shortly after, they realized it must’ve been Mark Watney. In other words Mark Watney is alive! He is stuck alone on an isolated planet with limited food and supplies, what will he do? Read the book to find out if he will survive.