I stand at the block,
my hands shaking hard.
“On your mark”, I put my hands down

I throw myself in the water,
dolphin kicking underwater.
In seconds, I come up,
starting my first stroke of butterfly
Throwing my hands,
kicking my feet, in a short time,
I touch the wall

After I turn, I go on my back
and my arms not yet lead,
doing the dolphin kicks, I get ahead,
I continue to go faster and faster

I touch the wall, and push off into
Breaststroke, my worst stroke
I try my hardest to stay ahead,
But I am
I get to the wall, and start

Freestyle, my second best stroke
I sprint as fast as I can.
I remain in second
Until the end,

with half
a pool length remaining;

I pass the person in front of
and win.

The reason I did this poem is that, I like swimming; specifically the 100 IM and Backstroke. I recalled an important race that I did during Summer League.
I thought, when I recalled the race; and I thought “that’d make a good poem for the assignment!”
This race determined whether or not I would make an All-Star time. I remember being very tired after. This was also one of my favorite races I have ever did; I was racing against someone I had not beat before, and I did.
I really wanted to share the story somehow, so I did!

Cannon B

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