My First Post!

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Hi! I’m Carly…I’m new to blogging. And if you didn’t read the title well then…this is my first post! I’m excited for this year and to finally start a blog! I’m in Seventh grade and attend West Ridge Middle School. But now to my first blog post…

I’m also a competitive dancer, I dance for a company called Synergy. I dance for seven and a half hours a week, and I’m on level five out of seven. I’ve been dancing for two years but before that I was a contortionist for three years.

Im also a Staright A student. The lowest grade I hold currently is a 93. I try my hardest when it comes to academics, and I love learning. I’m even in the school band and play the flute for West Ridge. (Band is better than choir).

And now I’m gonna be ending this post. I’m not exactly sure how tho end this post so… farewell and thank you for reading.

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  1. I love the photo you selected. I also like the informal and friendly tone. It sounds like you think your audience is one of friends. I like that!

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