About Me

Hi. I’m Carly. And I’ve been this way my whole life…a dancer I mean. Even when I didn’t know it. Ever since I was little… I loved to dance. I do  it competitively now. It’s something that I don’t think will ever change about me. I love my studio and the people that operate it. This will be my second year dancing competitively. And it’s quite the privilege.

I’m also a student (of course), and I love it here at West Ridge. Even though most kids don’t. My favorite subject is English (which is period I’m currently in). I like all my teachers so far and I’m glad I can attend school at this wonderful place.

In addition to being a Student and Dancer I’m also a Duaghter and Sister. I of course live at home with my parents seeing that I’m only in Seventh grade. I have Seven pets and a brother (which is almost like having eight). He can get a little rowdy though.

In being such an interesting person *sarcasm*. I also play the flute. I’m in concert band here, and quite enjoy it! My band directors are great and they really help me learn. I really like the people I’m surrounded by in that class too. It’s a great place overall.

And lastly I’m excited. For this year and what joy it will bring to my friends, family, school and myself. I’m excited for everything that’s happening in English and other subjects this year! I hope that we can have a great year overall! Thanks for reading!

The week starts on Monday, not Sunday you freaks

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