My Favorite YouTubers

Hey everyone, it’s Carly! This weeks blog post is going to be a list consisting of my favorite YouTubers. These people are usually the people I watch all the time. These YouTubers range from animation, covers, to book YouTubers.

YouTuber 1: theodd1sout comic (animation)
This YouTuber named James does videos where he animates stories that he tells about experiences he’s had, and other times he does speed draws of comics he’s creating. He’s really funny and a great cartoonist. I couldn’t find a video that I really liked out of all of them (because they’re all so good) so I didn’t paste one of his videos in. Feel free to look him up and watch some of his videos if you’re interested though.

YouTuber 2: Doddleoddle (covers)
Doddleoddle or Dodie is a British YouTuber that posts covers, original songs, and vlogs. She’s a really great singer and makes beautiful videos. Here’s the cover video I chose for you guys:

Youtuber 3: Jessethereader (book YouTuber)
He does book reviews, books hauls, book tags, and many more. Here’s a video that he made with his friends:

Thats all I have for you guys today! But before we go, here’s some honorable mentions:
cavetown (covers)
ChrisBrennerMusic (covers)
emmablackery (songwriter)
AmazingPhil (comedy)
DanIsNotOnFire (comedy)


1. a musical performance given in public, typically by several performers or of several separate compositions.

This topic was brought up by me at the local Jimmy Johns with my parents. There we were: sitting in a booth, eating our sandwiches, having no care in the world. Now before this dinner, my parents had just picked me up from my guitar teachers house because I had just finished a lesson. During that lesson, my guitar teacher (Arielle) told me that she gets to see the bands Blink-182 and All Time Low in concert soon. Those being two of my favorite bands, I was jealous. I’ve always wanted to go to a concert. The Cheetah Girls thing I went to when I was 6 does not count. After hearing this information from Arielle, I told her that I’ve always wanted to go to a concert, but my parents have never let me. Whether it was the prices, the timing, or just down saying no, my parents have never considered letting me go to a concert. They always thought that if I went to one, something bad would happen. At hearing this, Arielle informed me that when she was little, she would go to maybe two concerts a month with her mom! Now. Back to Jimmy Johns:

I told my mom how Arielle got to go to concerts and she backfired with how when Arielle was little, the concerts were probably $15. This is when things started heating up. Not all concerts are so expensive. Mainly all the “mainstream” artists like Taylor Swift or Five Seconds Of Summer have the really expensive tickets. This is when Darren (my stepdad) entered. “Why would you want to go to concerts anyway?” Well, how about I want to go see the artists that got me to feel so passionate about music! I want to stand in front of them! Hear them live! Feel the vibrations of the sound! All the musicians that I want to see, are the musicians that got me to pick up that guitar! Those drums! That keyboard! That ukulele! That bass! All of these musicians got me to really feel the music and listen to the lyrics and hear the message hidden within them! How’s that for ya Darren?!

“Why don’t you just take her to that blues place downtown?” My mom nodded along with my dad then shook her head. “She wants to see people she likes.” I nod furiously with my mom. “Like who?” I look over at Darren and just give up. I’m done! Literally my whole wardrobe consists of band shirts. This is when my mom speaks up again. “People like Twenty One Pilots.” I mentally give my mom a high five for paying attention. It must of been easy though considering that I don’t shut up about them… My dad just scoffs and now we’re back to the topic of ticket prices. I pull out my phone and look up how much Twenty One Pilots tickets cost. The cheapest were $27-37. That’s a really good price if I do say so myself.

Once we finish the the prices argument, I go back to think about how 4 musicians that I listen to are coming to Austin in July. Don’t worry Gammy. I know you’re reading this and let me tell you: even if I weren’t going to Wales in July, there is no possible way I would be allowed to go to these concerts. So don’t worry. You’re good. I just told my mom about the musicians that are coming to Austin how hypothetically, if I wouldn’t be out of the country in July, I would be just sitting in my room probably binge watching Netflix while all my friends go and see Twenty One Pilots, who sings about feeling lonely and feeling sad and making you happy by saying you’re okay. Go see Melanie Martinez who sings about problems in the real world that not everyone sees in their everyday life. Go see Panic! At The Disco who sings about how it’s okay to be different. All while I would be moping in my room. Another thing, my friend was talking to my how this May, she gets to go see The Neighbourhood (another band I like) in concert. I got really excited, then remembered: oh yeah, according to my parents, I can’t go to a concert till I can buy my own ticket and drive myself there.

Like I said before: concerts. I wanna go to one! But, like someone said, all in good time. Hopefully I get to go to one soon though! I think I’ll end this blog post here. I think everyone got my message as I’ve clearly stated it many times. With that, I hope everyone gets to go see some concerts, and have a great weekend! Bye!

Alice in Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland, Small, Door, Curtain, Scene

Pixabay CC0


“Little Alice fell d




the hOle,

bumped her head

and bruised her soul.”

~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland 


I love this little poem part in Alice in Wonderland because I feel it really does show how Alice is a little crazy. The line “and bruised her soul” does change the “little kid image” the movie shows. I hope you like this little poem as much as I do.

Austin’s Favorite Festivals

Are you tired of just sitting around with nothing to do during the weekends? Have you ever had an uneventful summer? Or are you just visiting Austin and looking for some fun? Well this list is for all those music lovers, and film fanatics. (WARNING: Festivals strictly from Austin Texas)

ACL (Austin City Limits):

ACL is a music festival located at Zilker Park with artists ranging from the Foo Fighters, and Twenty One Pilots, all the way to Billy Idol, and Echosmith. And that was just last years lineup. It gets better every year. This is a festival where you can enjoy music of all kinds and just have fun with your friends for a couple of days.

Audience, Concert, Music, Entertainment, People, Crowd

SXSW (South by Southwest):

SXSW is a mixture of music festivals, film festivals, and gaming/interactive festivals of sorts. This place is very diverse and is filled with activities for the whole family.

Guitar, Music, Rock, Musical Instrument, Guitarist

Austin Film Festival:

Here’s for all of you film lovers out there. This festival features films from a wide variety of genres. There’s also a Young Filmmakers Program for kids to make a film.

Film, Roll, Photography, Camera, Pictures, Negatives

All pictures are from Pixabay CC0

Sick Day Necessities

So far this week, I’ve been sick. I’ve had a fever in the hundreds, I’ve been coughing like crazy, I’ve been sleeping all day, taking medicine, etc. Being sick, it’s not fun. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. I’m going to make a list of all the things I need for a sick day.

First thing I need, are some comfy clothes:
Pajamas. That’s all you need to wear. I’ve been switching out of my old Christmas sweaters, and comfy leggings. It’s not fun to be uncomfortable while you’re sick.
Second thing I need, is tea:
If you have a cough, it makes your throat feel really good. I’ve been drinking this green tea type of drink, it’s really good. I also like to put a spoon of honey in my tea. Honestly, tea is so good!! Just in general. But yeah, if you’re sick, go drink tea!
Third thing I always have with me, is a good book:
Lately, I’ve been reading this really good book called Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. This is the second book in the Throne of Glass series. This series is so good. The first book is about an assassin named Celaena Sardothien who gets captured and sent to a prison/slave camp called the Endovier Salt Mines. One day, she gets a visit from Prince Dorian who she then agrees to compete in a competition to be the King’s Champion. During the competition, competitors just start randomly dying and Celaena has to figure out what or who is killing them. I highly recommend this book. It’s a really good read.
The fourth thing need, are movies:
I’m just going to keep this short. Harry Potter. That’s all I’ve been watching.

This is just a short list of things I need when I’m sick. I need all of these things when I’m sick. Feel free to comment down below what you need when you’re sick. Anyway, that’s all I have for you guys today. Bye!

Harry Potter vs Twilight

My friend Manya and I have been in a little argument over which is better: Harry Potter, or (ugh) Twilight. You can probably guess which side I’m on. Harry Potter.

This all started in 1st period Teen Skills. (Cue flashback music!)

My friend Roxy and I were talking about Harry Potter and how we both couldn’t wait for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. That’s when Manya comes into the story.

“You know what’s a really good book? Twilight. You should read it. It’s a lot better than Harry Potter.”

Roxy and I both give her a puzzled look. “Are you trying to say that Twilight is better than Harry Potter?…” Manya gives us a confident nod. That’s when I start to get a little annoyed. Don’t get me wrong, Manya is one of my many friends, so of course I didn’t hate her for liking Twilight. I just want to show her how Harry Potter is better.

I got up from my seat and start walking around the room asking everyone Harry Potter or Twilight. In the end, I got 4 votes for Harry Potter, and 3 votes for Twilight. Harry Potter 1, Twilight 0. “This isn’t over!” Manya yelled as the bell rang.

And since then, we’ve been in a full out war. Figuratively of course. No blood shed. Yet. Kidding kidding! Anyway, back to the story.

Roxy and I have teamed up for team Harry Potter while Manya recruited her friend Jessie for team Twilight. This morning in Teen Skills, Manya gave me a report. Apparently she and Jessie stood up in front of their English class and asked them to raise their hand for Twilight. No hands went up. Then she asked them to raise their hands for Harry Potter. Every single hand went up in the air. Coincidentally, Roxy happened to be in that class and said she couldn’t stop laughing. Harry Potter 2, Twilight, still 0.

Even though Harry Potter is winning, this isn’t over. Not yet. There will be more blog posts to come. I’m sure of it. I think this is enough for one blog post though. Tell me which side you guys are on. Harry Potter or Twilight?

My Mom Loves Harry Potter Now

Over the Winter Break, my mom and I had a Harry Potter movie marathon. As the credits rolled to the last movie, my mom asked me for the first Harry Potter book. I feel it’s safe to say she loves Harry Potter now.

My mom has been sick lately so she’s been reading Harry Potter. She eventually finished the first book, and when she did finish the book, she started listing all the stuff in the book that was never in the movie. For example: if you didn’t read the book, you wouldn’t know about Norbert the dragon and how he got sent away, or how Firenze gave Harry a ride in the Forbidden Forest, or how Neville got detention with Harry, Draco, Hermione and not Ron. Just little things like that.

My mom also wanted to watch the movie again so I feel that since she read the book, she was able to understand the movie better. She’s now at home probably snuggled up in bed with our dogs, reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.

Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m glad you like Harry Potter. It’s really good isn’t it? I know the other books look pretty big, but they’re really good. They’re worth the 800 pages.

The Phantom’s Lair

In English, we have been studying Phantom of the Opera and a few days ago, we had to write a description of what we thought the Phantom’s lair would look like. Here’s mine:

90 years in the future: The man slowly crept down the stairs and toward the door. Turning the handle, he pushed the rusted door open and peered inside the room. It was dark, dusty, damp, and not to mention dark and a little creepy. The man took out his flashlight so he could get a closer look around. Noticing that all the furniture was covered up with a sheet, he grabbed the nearest one and slowly peeled it off. As he did so, it revealed an old table with a smashed candelabra, and a small music box. He slowly extended his arm toward the box, but suddenly a hand shot out in front of him and grabbed his hand twisting it. “May I ask what you are doing in MY LAIR?!


Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Guess what!!! The Harry Potter world is back with a new movie titled: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. I am so excited for this movie because:

1: We get to see more of the Wizarding World

2: There’s supposedly going to be two more movies after this one

Now tell me you aren’t excited.

So I found out about this movie about two months ago, but a couple weeks ago, I was watching this YouTuber and she made a video of reacting to the trailer!!! I didn’t know that they released a trailer!!

Being me, I started freaking out and searched for the trailer. When I was watching it, only mere seconds into the trailer and I freak out. You know why? The way it opens.

The first thing you see, is just black. But, the first thing you hear, is two words: “Lumos Maxima.” Those two words, I have become very attached to them. We first hear those words I believe, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire so everyone who has read the books or seen the movies, know that spell.

Another thing that I freaked out about in the trailer, is it takes place in New York. It’s still an English wizard, but he travels to New York. Now, we’ve only seen magic happen in England so you can imagine how happy the American readers/movie watchers are that something magical finally takes place somewhere in America.

I would’ve pasted the trailer somewhere on this post, but I did you all one better: I linked Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and it’ll take you to the official website that has news for the movie, pictures, and the trailer for the movie. This website I believe is made be the same people who made the official Pottermore website (the Harry Potter website). So feel free to check out these websites if you want more news about the movie.

Anyway, this was my blog post for this week, and I hope you all enjoy!!!

Books are the perfect Present

Christmas. A holiday. A holiday filled with lights, presents, and family. Whenever someone asks me, “Carly, what do you want for Christmas?” I freeze up and think about what I want. I usually can’t think of anything because I’m too old to have toys, and most of my relatives are terrible at picking out clothes. (No offense relatives!) so I usually end up saying,”um… I have no idea. Can I get back to you on that…?” But the thing is, I always see a pattern throughout the years. Every year, there’s one thing I see on my list. And that thing is, books. Usually every time I say this my mom gives me a look like ‘are you serious? You already have enough books as it is. Ever heard of the library?’ But the thing is, I like owning books. So I buy a lot. Right now I have a bookshelf that is five shelves high and four of them are already filled up.

So yeah. Books. Wonderful presents for kids of all ages. I know I love them. I love getting books. If your kid doesn’t love books, what do they do to pass time? While most moms get worried about their kids getting glued to their phones, I’m pretty sure mine always worries about me being cooped up in my room reading one book a day. At least that’s what I did over the whole summer… I would go to Barnes and Noble about once a week to get at least one to two books. It was great. The downside though, I end up spending all the money I have, and draining my parents money, buying books. That’s why I mostly try to buy all my books in paper back because they’re a lot cheaper.

So this was just a little talk about books and Christmas presents and why books make great presents. It was kind of boring but it was the only thing I could think of. Better blog posts to come!!