Six Flags!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas!

Last Friday choir, band, and orchestra from my school went to Six Flags! I had never been before, but I knew it would be fun!

We got to school early, eagerly ready to load the buses. I looked for the group I had chosen to walk around with, Ella, Emily, Tessa,Sophia, LT, Bella, and Anjali. The bus ride was long, boring and very dreadful. We played cards for a little bit, but couldn’t help getting distracted upon the thought of the park! I couldn’t wait!

I, along with a couple girls in my group, LOVE the idea of big roller coasters,but some people didn’t so we decided to stay all together for our first ride. It was a water one called The Gully Washer, of course being the one who didn’t want to get wet I ended up soaked! After that we went one one called Road Runner. The first time I did it I was scared because I hadn’t gone on a roller coaster in a long time, but when we did it again for a friend, I realized I wanted to go on a bigger one! We ran straight over to The Iron Rattler. It’s a fast ride that slowly goes up a hill and then takes a turn for fear and goes straight down quickly. It’s one of the well known rides at Six Flags, and I thought it was really fun, but honestly I thought it was a bit over rated. After taking a break for lunch, we met up with some more friends. I used to be scared of going upside down on rides so when they suggested to go on one that was almost completely upside down I was a little bit frightened but I decided to check it out. Goliath here I come! IT WAS SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! From that point on I decided I loved upside down roller coasters! We went on it 3 times, and then ran for more rides! The Polturgise was pretty much the same story, I was terrified and it ended up being my favorite ride! Zipping off quickly making sharp turns and quickly going upside down! It was so fun! We went on so many rides and wanted to do more and more!

The day was over so quick! It felt like only an hour when it had been many more! I can’t wait to go back!


As days go on so does life
The wind will keep blowing
The birds will keep singing
The sun will keep shining
It’s always bright somewhere.
Smiles keep growing
Laughter starts rumbling
Happiness will keep erupting—
Happiness is important.
Love brings cheer
Thankfulness brings joy
But Happiness will always be here
Happiness is everywhere
Skys will be bright somewhere
Hearts will keep giving
Hope will keep spreading
Happiness will forever be here
Authors note: It’s very important to always be happy. Find the good in the bad, and keep being thankful. I hope you enjoyed my poem!

Come On Weekend!!

Today was a very busy day for me! I was constantly on the go.

It was track districts, which is where 5 schools compete in running. I had to run 4×100, 4×200 and 4×400 relays. My school isn’t exactly known for being the best athletic school if you know what I mean. Our relay teams did ok on some of the meets before the district, which is very unfortunate considering it’s the only meet that actually matters. This week we lost… every single one of them.

I also had choir UIL. We had to ride a bus far away to a high school where we preformed 3 songs and then did sight reading. It was very stressful for all of us. Judges sat in a quiet room constantly writing down secret words scoring us. The best score is 1 and we got all 1’s!!

I can’t wait for this weekend,which will be full of relaxation.

Why I Can’t Wait For Spring Break

I am so excited for spring break! 1 week of relaxation is coming my way!

One reason I’m excited is because I’m going skiing! That means snow. I love snow! We are going to California(in the mountains). Normally people think about California as a sunny place so it’s always funny to see their reaction. The mountains are so pretty and it’s like a beautiful winter wonderland! I have been skiing for a long time but I’ve never tried snowboarding, so I get to try it! I don’t think I’m going to be very good-considering I’m clumsy. Skiing will be so fun!

Another reason is because there’s no school! No school equals no homework, or concentrating. I don’t always mind school, but only because of my friends. I can never sit through my boring subjects, so no school is a perfect solution. I think we should have a 6 month vacation twice a year.

No school,skiing,relaxation all great reasons why I can’t wait for spring break!


We wake up early. Hurrying to get on all our warm layers, preparing for a long day on the mountains. Rushing to get in the car watching the snow fall as we headed to the mountains is thrilling . The lodge is a scramble for getting skis, rushing to spend a day in the snow.

I’m so excited for spring break. During the break my family skis in California. We stay in my grandparents cabin, and spend the days on the slopes. This year I’m going to try snowboarding for the first time, along with continuing to ski. The mountains are always mostly empty, because the kids there are still in school— which provides for a more enjoyable trip. This means we can spend all day skiing with out having to wait in lines. I can pretty much ski with ease, but snowboarding is going to be a totally different story— one filled with lots of bruises. I’m really excited to try it out though. I’ve heard that if you fall on a snowboard its way easier to get up, which is definitely going to come in handy.

I can’t wait for spring break! It’s so close yet so far! I’m definitely looking forward to skiing, and of course SNOW!!!

My Life’s Blueprint

Now that I’m 13 years old, people always ask me the question of “what do you want to do when you grow up”. I already have a plan. I’ll just need to follow a couple simple steps.

After college I’ll win the lottery, the number will be 22222- which is of course my favoite number repeated-. I’ll be the richest person alive. I’ll buy anything I could ever want or need. I’ll live in a HUGE mansion with my family and many pets. It will be kinda like an indoor playground, but of course way better. Of course I’ll have Disney in my backyard along with a pool, and water slides. Everyday will seem like the best day ever.

On the weekends I’ll fly on my private jet to my private island. It will be perfect; I’ll be able to hang out on the tropical beach, and then just walk across to a snowy ski resort. I’ll have a whole safari on part of the island with animals that will always come play at the beach with me. Maybe I’ll even have enough money to pay them to talk to me. Wouldn’t that be cool, talking animals?! I’ll have my own little world on my island.

As you can probably tell my future is looking fantastic! All I have to do is wait till I finish college!

NCL Tea Party

This past weekend I went to my NCL tea party. Before I tell more about that I should probably explain what NCL is. NCL is mothers and daughters volunteering to help the community. We can volunteer for all different types of service projects. Every month or so we have to attend a formal meeting with our grade level, or sometimes all of the different grades.

This month our meeting was a tea party. I don’t really like doing events that we have to dress nice for, but at least we got to eat food. I had to go help set up 4 hours early so it was especially boring for me to wait there all day. We set up everything extremely neat and fancy, and included some HUGE balloons! It was the first tea party I have gone to out of the 6, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it ended up looking very formal.

We listened to a really interesting speaker who is a blind woman that has set the world record for the fastest iron man time. It was so fascinating to learn about what she has accomplished. We learned all about her struggles turning into reward, and how she strived to work as hard as she could. It was really cool to listen to, but that’s enough tea parties for me.

Unicorn Poem

      This is my reversible poem. I think this style is cool because just reading something differently completely changes the meaning of it all. I had problems with finding different words to fit the structure, so that not only would it make sense but would also work both ways. The organization is really tricky to work around sense if even one word doesn’t work one way then it messes up the whole feel of the poem. These types of poems are funny to write though. 
   I do not actually believe in unicorns, but how cool would it be if they existed? Maybe I would even ride one to school!

There is such thing as unicorns
No one believes this
There is no magical creatures
Everyone knows that.
unicorns do exist
Is a lie
Horses with horns are just made up
It’s a fact
Unicorns are fun and fluffy
Thats all made up
Unicorns are only in fairytales
Trust me
Magic is real
Is only more lies
There is no such thing as unicorns

(Reverse it)

The Other Side Of The Mountain

The other side of the mountain

The grass is always greener on the other side.
The sun is stronger,
The people are happier,
The stress has lifted.
It’s a new day.
The people are singing,
The birds are chirping,
The bees are buzzing.
It’s a happy feeling.
The joy has over come,
The peace is on and on
The other side of the mountain is a new beginning.
A new life is waiting,
There’s always another side to the mountain.

I love the outdoors, and so I decided to write a poem about the great outdoors! I hope you enjoy it!
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Family is forever
When clouds are dark
And winds are hard
They will be there for you.
That’s what family means to me.
Family is good for it all.
You may fight,
But trust me it will be alright.
Family always forgives
That’s what family means to me.
They will be there through the fun
Their love will never be done
Family is loyal
Even if they are miles and miles across the sea
In my heart, family will eternally be next to me.
And that is what family means to me
Author’s Note; I choose to write about what my family means to me, because they are always there for me. I choose alliteration to add flow to the poem, along with a magic three. I hope the readers enjoy it!